Shazam for Mac

Listens and identifies music in the background

Michael Adams
  • Pros: 

    Identifies songs easily


    Sells data, doesn't sync with iOS app

    I have always used Shazam, but I don't trust them enough to keep it always on. Their privacy policy states that they can sell information to advertisers. It's kinda like an Amazon Echo, except this constantly sends data.

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Scary to think this will always be on in the background. How many of you watch TV with your laptop open? I know I do... Am I the only one that has had a hard time opening up the Shazam app when I saw the logo play on TV though? Will take a good bit of value prop for the consumer to have this thing running 24/7! Hope they can make it happen!
I'm not sure I get this, if I'm out and about Shazaming(?) a track I hear is useful but on my computer I don't really have this problem. I'll just switch to Spotify and look at what it is. Seems like there's more benefit to Shazam than the user.
@mrcunsolo It sounds like it accesses your microphone to capture the music on around you, rather than what's playing on your computer. I'm thinking like at a coffee shop or something like that. Only problem is, I usually have headphones on listening to my own stuff.
@lylemckeany ah right, I guess it can still access your mic though? It seems odd for Shazam to release an app that doesn't allow me to Shazam things.
love Shazam, good to see they are expanding to other devices
"Shazam says the app is focused less on identifying music and more on helping you engage with the artist or song. Even if you ignore the expandable app, Shazam will give you a standard notification whenever it recognises a new song. Clicking this will throw you across to the recently revamped Shazam website, which shows links to iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, lyrics, music videos, recommendations, a full album breakdown and more. The new desktop app is an experiment. Shazam will be integrated with Siri as part of iOS 8 later this year, and that close partnership has helped spur the creation of the Mac app. "
An always listening Mac app? Sounds like a data gold mine.