Place a call to action in every link you Share. Free Forever

Create a link for an article or any other content, then we will show a custom call to action to your product or service when someone visits your link.
Its like every interesting news you share featured a call to action to your product!
And its 100% free! =P
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Hey guys! Im the maker of Shary, please fell free to use it as much as you guys want :P If you find some bugs or have some cool ideas, please let me know!
Seems every site I try, I get : Oops, we couldn’t load the the URL. Please wait and try again or go back and try another website. OR Oops, the url you are trying to share blocks us from rendering it. Please go back and try another website.
@ryanleverington Thanks for testing!! Yep, some sites block being rendered as iFrames so we can't get them to work properly. We are working on a workaround =P Could you tell us some of the sites that didn't work for us to test on them?
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@cassianocalegari every site I tried from my own to random sites. Google, facebook, newgrounds(told you it was random!)
Nice Product ♥ Question: how do you (or how do you plan to) monetize it?
@adem_kouki We don't nor plan to =]
Perfect tool. Simple, functional and clean Perfect 👊👊👊
God job, Perfect tool. Nice