Share your accounts without giving out your password 🤫

ShareUrl is Chrome extension which allows users to share their various accounts (Netflix,Hotstar, Hulu, Facebook etc.) with their friends and families.

Work's on Chrome.

Simple to use.

Share to multiple.

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What about the security aspect? Looks interesting.
@rmtux I (quickly) took a glance at the source code. It seems like they store your cookies holding the authentication information for the site you are sharing and then placing it onto the receivers computer. It's interesting to know if these data is encrypted, preferably with E2E. But from my quick glance, i did not stumble upon any E2E related stuff.
@tkjaergaard I am no developer but sharing the cookie is an interesting thing. Encryption and who else gets access to user info is important. Wonder how Chrome will deal with this long run.
Hey @rmtux security is most prior aspect of ShareURL. We don't share your URL with anyone else apart from you.(i.e. apart from whom you choose to share with) Regarding the technical side of our project. As explained by @tkjaergaard we store your cookie and set them up for your recipient. Cookies are encrypted and stored and are wiped every two weeks (better for cost-cutting as less storage). Just security info about cookie *Cookies don't contain your password. Hope this answer helped you :-)
Curious how this compares to Access URL, @vishwa_kulkarni.
@rrhoover AccessURL seems dead, I hope ShareUrl is different on this 😀
hey @rrhoover ShareURL will come across all platforms. (little hint even on Android based SmartPhones). Hope it is exciting for users and discern us from others.
Seems to me that this is a hack to get around subscription models which feels kind of tacky when 90% of the people on here are building products that live / die off subscription models.
Great hack! using it for some time... :)
@Vishwa Tried Netflix works like a charm. Great job guys!