The easiest way to start a marketplace business

Sharetribe is the easiest way for anyone to create a marketplace platform. You can create a website in the spirit of Airbnb, Etsy or eBay in a matter of minutes, configure it to match your specific concept without any technical skills, and launch a fully functional site to your users the same day.

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Seems like a very easy way to create your own peer-to-peer marketplace. Best thing is that it's open source (Ruby on Rails with MySQL), so you're not locked in to their platform. (Their monthly pricing is very reasonable however.) Three example from their website: - - - I've been considering building a marketplace for startup services (dev shops, design agencies, etc) so I might give this a try. Curious to hear what other PH'ers think. Two concerns I have right now is that it doesn't seem to support Stripe integration yet, and the flexibility of how the marketplace operates. (You can currently choose between selling, rentals and services.)
@marckohlbrugge happy to help you if you wish to try out Sharetribe. We love Stripe (we use them for billing our own clients) and once their marketplace product ( becomes available outside US, we will definitely take a closer look at integrating them.
@kusti Thanks for the reply. Congrats on the success so far! I didn't realize Stripe Marketplaces weren't available outside the US yet. (I'm based in Europe just like you so I feel your pain). Do you think Sharetribe would work well for a marketplace of freelancers and agencies? I had a look and it seems like every listing requires a price, but I'm not sure how that would work since not every company bills using hourly rates. E.g. uses price ranges for specific kind of projects. Is something like that possible on Sharetribe?
@marckohlbrugge in that specific case it might be a bit tricky to handle the payments through our payment system. We also have an "invoicing" style payment flow though - there's still the initial price, but the provider could decide the final price after he has had a conversation with the person requesting the service. That currently works only with our Braintree integration though, so it's limited to US marketplaces. An alternative solution would be to disable payments for now, and simply use the marketplace as a communication tool. We currently have some clients operating that way.
I think there's still no Stripe integration? @kusti
@richardvanwijngaarden my apologies for a late reply, only saw your message today. Actually we do have a Stripe integration now!
This looks awesome! Is it possible to create a marketplace for digital products? Congrats on the launch!
@kaufman_jack right now or focus is in physical products and services, but our plan is to introduce support for digital products in the future.
@kusti Awesome! Thanks so much for the quick response.
Any thoughts on how to help customers with marketplace liquidity? It seems like aggregating a critical mass of supply/demand is the greatest single challenge for a marketplace business.
@minouye we definitely want to help our customers tackle this challenge. We're already writing and aggregating lots of content related to these issues, and are planning to do a lot more of that in the future. We are also planning to use the data we're getting from the marketplaces of our customers to learn what works and what doesn't, information we can then use to help them. When you're powering lots of multiple marketplaces simultaneously, you get lots of useful data.
@kusti Very cool! Love how you can take learnings and apply them to marketplaces across your customer base and verticals.
Cool! Seems like Sharetribe makes the software required to start a marketplace trivial- which free's up people's attention to focus on the marketing challenge of marketplaces. And as an aside: beautiful landing page. Looks great on my 27 inch display!
@stevebenjamins exactly! Thanks for the kind words, you made our designer Janne happy :)
@kusti Great to finally see Sharetribe on PH. During the past few months I have been using your platform for a side project in EU, the set up process was super easy and the responsiveness from the support team has been great.
@robertoscaccia thanks a lot, I'm really happy to hear that you've had a good experience!