Securely share data from Airtable in a portal

Share data from your Airtable securely with Partners, Customers, Clients or even your wider team. Let them read, update and create data. Control exactly which records they can access, and what fields they can see and edit.
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Hey guys – Really excited to share this. We've been working on the Stacker technology for like 3 years now, and loads of people have been asking us for a use-case specifically centred around the safe sharing of data. This is a fully customisable customer portal, internal app.. whatever you want it to be!
it says "get started for free", but does it cost money beyond that?
This is awesome! We're testing Stacker and we're figuring out that we can run definitely a lot of stuff just with some well-organize spreadsheets! We're not super customer facing at the time, but definitely this could be a plus for our business! PLUS - super easy to integrate - super easy to configure - simple and complete permissions configuration
@diego_banovaz1 Great to know that you're having a good time so far!
This looks super cool. Can it be used to build a SaaS product?