Shares 2

A beautiful, minimal app for tracking stocks

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I downloaded about 10 apps for managing stock portfolios for iPhone and this was the best by far; worth paying for. All the others were bloated, this is the main one with a nice, simple design that works.
Thanks @_jacksmith! I'm glad you like it. I'd love to answer any questions about it if anyone is interested.
Is Shares written in Swift yet?
@jerryhjones started redoing it in Swift and Interface Builder with all of the new split view and size class junk. Hating IB, but it's probably good to learn. I have a today extension in a branch as well. Excited for 8 to come out so I can release all of the cool new stuff. Hoping to add iPad & iCloud support in that update as well.
@soffes I think Product Hunt just got a scoop! @soffes is using IB!! Do you think the new APIs for screen sizes will make like harder, or easier?
@jerryhjones with IB, it's way easy. Haven't tried the conventional way yet.
@soffes I've been looking for a new app to replace Stocks, just downloaded. Excited to give it a spin!
@ZackShapiro thanks! I'd love to hear what you think.
@soffes I would suggest that it would be great if the new version could also incorporate "sell orders". i.e. the app provides an awesome log of all shares that I buy at different prices; but if I sell some of those shares, then everything goes out of whack. Would be great if I could list that I sold X number of shares for X price and have that incorporated into the calculations.
@_jacksmith ya it's on my list. I rarely sell, so it hasn't been a priority for me. Definitely a good idea. I'll try to get it added. Lots of people asked for tracking trade fees as well. Might be a good time to add that too.