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Safely and securely share your card number with anyone

#3 Product of the DayNovember 26, 2019
The easiest way to share a card with limits.
For business: Share cards with spending limits to employees for company expenses.
For friends: Send a friend a few bucks for shared expenses
For parents: Set monthly caps on how much the kids can spend
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Hey Product Hunt! We launched our virtual cards on PH a few years ago, and since then we've had all kinds of folks using Privacy - from individuals spending more safely online, to businesses using us to control spending, to parents looking for a flexible way to share money with their kids. Based on all these different use cases, today we're happy to announce our newest feature: Shared Cards! No more copy & paste, no screenshots, and the recipient won't need a Privacy account to view the shared card. Just click the little share button when viewing a card we'll handle the rest! We’re giving a special $10 sign up bonus for the first 50 folks from Product Hunt, just use the code: PH1126! We’ll be around to answer any questions today. Thanks for checking us out! Bo
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@bolingj Limit exceeded for PH1126! :( Anyway, if I understood correctly, I can only connect my bank account or debit card to Privacy and not my credit card? As in, I can't use Privacy to generate virtual cards from my credit card or get the cashback benefits my credit card offers?
@vicky_buddie Sorry :(. Yep - that's the case for now!
@vicky_buddie @bolingj Is there a solution in the works to solve this?
@bolingj When you say anyone do you really mean anyone? Like would this work for people abroad or only in US?
Your page is 404 broken
@kensavage Doh - thanks for the heads up! Fixing now 😅. should work for now!
Great way to share Netflix/Hulu accounts with my friends without upgrading one plan! 🙏🏻
Been using Privacy for years. Congrats on the new feature launch!
I've been using Privacy for a while now. It's been a reliable service but more recently I've noticed that Google and a few other merchants began detecting and blocking the user of virtual cards.
@tostartafire thanks for being an early supporter :). Definitely hear you on the acceptance issue - it's something we're working on actively.