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Hey Product Hunt - I built this tool because I think it can be interesting to share your Pocket list and see what's in other people's lists (unread items, archive & favorites). I would be happy to hear your thoughts.
@yuvals hey Yuval! Why build this separately from ReadingPack?
@bthdonohue Hey Brian! Good question. In fact, it's a side-project that I wanted to build a long time ago. It's a bit different from ReadingPack, because you're sharing the whole list - especially the list of items you haven't read yet, and without any filter. It's something you can't do with RP, for example.
@yuvals Just signed-up and posted by favorites here:
@nireyal Wow, so many great articles. Thanks for sharing, Nir!
hey Yuval - we built something called @roundview which we released on Product Hunt on Monday. Would love to chat more about what you are doing + thinking about! joe at roundview dot co
@josephkerns Hey Joe! Sure, I'll email you. Thanks.
Was chatting with @nireyal about his "app constellation" of apps he uses to store and read from Pocket: Spritz, Readtime, Rapid.
@rrhoover interesting, we'll have to check these out too
@rrhoover adding this to my ever increasing world of Pocket-related apps.
@nireyal would love for you also to check out @roundview - we posted on Product Hunt on Monday - we also work with Pocket also: picked up your book - great and very helpful read thus far!
@josephkerns Thanks for reading Hooked. Just signed up for roundview
@nireyal awesome, thanks! let us know what you think - joe -at- roundview -dot- co!
love the idea and simplicity of this product! ๐Ÿ‘
nice idea