Rent the things you need from people nearby

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Bummed that it's UK only, but I would recommend that you call that out more on your site. I don't know when you'll be reaching this side of the pond, but it would be a way to get users to subscribe so they can be notified and install when it's launched.
@tomjohndesign Thanks! A very good point! We'll work on this ;)
This is one of those things that everyone's needed at some point - excited to see if it works!
@gpat_uk yes I agree. there is plenty of things I wish I had the chance to rent from somebody else in the past, especially kitchen and DIY tools. thanks for the feedback, much appreciated :)
@gpat_uk so true. Really hope this gets traction. Gr8 concept
Nice concept, seen similar ideas before.How will you deal with damaged/broken rental items? Btw, tried to install it, couldn't.
@sambegic Thanks! When you upload an item on the app you have the chance to specify a deposit. Your item will be secured up to the amount of the deposit you chose. If your item gets damaged you contact us and we'll transfer the deposit to you. Currently the app is not available outside the UK (that's the reason why you weren't able to install it). But if you'd like to be in touch, sign up for our newsletter on the landing page ( and we'll keep you posted ;) Thanks!
I designed a gamified strategy for an app like this. Sad that it is incompatible with all of my Android devices.
@dutch_driver Sharbit is currently available just in the UK but we hope to expand soon! :) Let's keep in touch!
@laura_cerone Laura, would like to discuss the gamification of this app with you
@dutch_driver Would like that! We need to increase a little our users' base first. Can we talk about that in a while?
@laura_cerone that is fine...although gamification is useful in viral growth.
@dutch_driver Maybe we could have a chat over the weekend or next week and you could explain me better :)
@laura_cerone Do you have any plans for quality control with the items being rented beyond ratings and reviews?
@anderfrischer When the owner and the renter exchange the items there is a first basic check of the product but the quality control process is mainly based on the rating and reviewing system. Do you think is not enough? Suggestions? ;) Thanks!