Modeling magic for iPad Pro. Shapr3D is the easiest 3D CAD!

Shapr3D is the world's first professional 3D CAD designed specifically for iPad Pro.

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Hi Product Hunt! Thanks @pv for hunting us! I’m Istvan, Founder of Shapr3D. We were here 8 months ago, and now we are back! With new features and an educational package. A small recap for those, who’ve missed us: Shapr3D is the world's first professional 3D CAD for the iPad Pro. It is robust enough to satisfy professional needs, but it is so easy to use that anyone can do their own 3D modeling with it. Shapr3D is used by engineers, designers, students, 3D printing hobbyists. We’ve been getting emails from all sort of different places: Italian sculptors to Jewellery designers from Thailand, all stating we’ve been able to dramatically improve their work process. We are also compatible with any major CAD tool, so pro users can also fit us in their workflow nicely. You can use the app anywhere you go, as it works without internet connection. So what is new in the app? There are a couple of big changes (next to the billion small upgrades). We created a nice automated setup for educational users, who will be able to use the PRO version of the app for free, in a year-long educational license. We finally added CONSTRAINTS (it was worth the wait). We believe the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are the future of CAD systems, and we’ve been working on this next (evolutionary) step for more than two years now. We have already been featured on the latest iPad Pro ad, and we can’t wait what 3.0 will bring us, but before that we need your feedback. Ask us anything, we are happy to answer any of your questions.
It is wonderful to see Shapr3D meld the artistry and engineering needed for 3D modeling into an easy-to-use tool perfect for iPad Pro.
So glad to see this coming together! Kudos to @istvan_csanady , @pappgab and co!
@csbias @istvan_csanady Thanks. Doing our best. This release is really a big step for the app and for everyone trying to learn how to do 3D modeling.
Finally, an easy to use 3D modeling app! I'm glad that I've bought that iPad Pro. By the way, do you back up 3D designs in the app to iCloud, or are they stored locally?
@hellogabor You store all your files locally on your iPad Pro. There's no cloud hosting or computing on our end, so all your designs are safe with you. We don't have access to them. But sure, you can back up your designs to any cloud solution you prefer, like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive.
My favorite iPad Pro application.
@tomi_mester Glad you like it! :)