A completely free way to build your professional network.

Shapr is the easiest way to meet nearby, relevant professionals who are actively networking. Get a curated daily batch of profile suggestions based on your self-selected #interests, industry and experience. Swipe right on the people you'd like to meet and set up a time to continue the conversation when the interest to connect is mutual!

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@milann Thank you very much for the hunt! Feel free to ask any question about the product. This version is a half-way update before our official relaunch in September.
A clearer & simpler app with new people to meet everyday. They launched some time ago, but now a 2.0 version. With myself working on a similar app ( ) I’m interested in checking out these products. I believe in this model of stimulating serendipity, when focusing on the right use case. Most curious for the business model of this venture.
Curious how you guys differ from the app Weave? They were a YC company a couple years back
@toddsaunders I'd say there are 2 main differences. First the amount of people : we are not sure that the "swipe-as-long-as-you-have-people-around-you" model works for the networking world so you have a limited amount of people to swipe everyday. That allows us to focus more on the quality of the profiles you see. Second, we believe in the power of "trust" and mutual connections. So we encourage you to recreate a small network of your most trusted contacts (50 max) in the app. This allows us to prioritize the people from your extended network among your suggestions and it gives a lot of context when you match with someone. Moreover, in Shapr you also know when two people in your network match so you can even make the introduction yourself, be a altruistic connector and improve your karma.
@thombouttefort there were a few other apps similar that came before you. I am curious to see how your algorithm works.
@yasarcorp Hey good question. I won't go into the details without our CTO checking what I say. But I can say that we take into account multiple things. First, as I explained, your network. We over-prioritize people in your 2nd degree, then the 3rd... We really believe in trust for the curation model: you'll be much more inclined to meet someone if you know this person is trusted by someone you really trust. Other apps are using it as one of the criteria, in Shapr this is THE criteria. As you won't maybe invite people right away, we also take into account more classic things: your interests (the # in the app), your localization (because we really want you guys to meet in real life), your industry and the activity of the user. Those are the one that I know of so If you want more details, I'd love to introduce you to our CTO!