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Hi everyone, CEO of ShapeShift here. We built this to be the fastest/easiest/safest way to convert between digital assets. Let me know if you have any questions! Intro video here: Also: we integrated yesterday into, meaning you can save 5-20% on Amazon and pay with Dogecoin, Ripple, BitShares, Litecoin, and 25 other digital assets.
Good find, @BlendahTom. I see massive potential in this space... exited to see how it progresses over the coming years. Thanks for posting.
Really starting to see some great innovation in this space to help spread adoption.
Brilliant - what is your business model ?
Hey Erik, it's fantastic to see another one of your bitcoin startups taking flight. The premise of this is very interesting, I'll definitely try it out! I know the struggles but are there any plans to add fiat?