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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 01, 2016



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Divyansh Saini
Divyansh SainiHunter@navydish · Products @SocialCops.
Sezion seems like a great product for marketing. Interesting use cases can come up with this. Automating it with Thank you emails and regular follow-ups can be of great advantage. Seeing his/her's name on a video thumbnail brings up the possibility of clicking on it and explaining the product/service.
Josías De La Espada
Josías De La EspadaMaker@josias · CEO, Sezion
Hey Divyansh, thank you for hunting us! And BTW... Happy New Year! We created Sezion to help marketers increase their sales and engagement by including automatically created personalized videos within their marketing automation workflow. It's integrated with Zapier (more than 500 apps, like Google Sheets or Salesforce) and there is a documented API available as well. Here you can see some personalized video examples (every text, image, video, can be automatically personalized using your own data): -
We are a small team based in Madrid. The solution is being used by some cool small and big names in several industries and we are already working on the new Sezion platform. What do you think about some of the improvements we'll launch (your feedback is much appreciate it!!)? - Improved UX (the one now was targeting developers). - Video player specific for personalized video experiences. - Built-in integrations. - Personalized Video template gallery (marketing oriented) - A better way to help you have more control over what happens before, during and after a video has been watched by your leads/users/etc. - Etc. An easy way to see how it works? See what happens when you request a demo here ( and then check your email): (here we combined Appointment and Sezion through Zapier); or when you download this ebook ( then check your email): (here we combined Unbounce and Sezion through Zapier to create a video for every lead that comes via that landing page). The same can be done with almost any service, from Salesforce to Twitter. Here is a popular how-to video about how to create personalized videos from a spreadsheet using Google Sheets:
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Cool idea. Personalized video could be a big deal in email marketing.
Josías De La Espada
Josías De La EspadaMaker@josias · CEO, Sezion
@joshdance Thanks Joshua! A personalized video usually helps increase overall conversion rates (CTR, Opening, Time Spent, Responses, etc.). Of course, it also depends on how it is used. How do you envision it?