Email campaigns for creators (previous named ConvertKit)

ConvertKit changes and becomes Seva.

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Too much text on your website. I gave up after scrolling down.
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@carol_almeida is their former website, and it's still live. is their new brand and new name, so they're rolling it out slowly and using the homepage as an opportunity to express why, underline their values, and have a conversation with new and previous users. I imagine they'll make the landing page a bit more focused when they start redirecting the old domain to the new brand.
What will happen to affilaites using the old convertkit platform?
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@marco_diversi nothing will change for affiliate setup, will just need to update any materials you have!
Cool naming
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@nathanbarry the new brand looks fresh. Does this include changes to the product, too?
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@nathanbarry @rrhoover I saw in their launch email, they rolled out some new features like better reporting, better landing page creation tools, and purchase tracking. “Our biggest announcement… Ever.” @nathanbarry
Hey @rrhoover, yes we overhauled three areas of the product: forms & landing pages, reporting, and added an entirely new concept of tracking purchases and revenue. This post includes all the details complete with lots of GIFs:
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Looks super fresh