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Get 100+ curated Mac apps in a single subscription.


Setapp gives you a huge collection of apps for nearly every job on Mac. Duplicate file search, Mac cleaning, coding, blogging, personal budgeting, you name it — all for a single monthly fee. And new apps keep adding all the time. Give it a try!

Would you recommend this product?
Mobile - Web Developer

First ever subscription model for macOS apps of different companies.

It's awesome, I regret purchasing many apps before.


You can always use up-to-date version of apps. No more paid new versions!

No in app purchases. You already have all features!


It's awesome, already have many cool apps. The more the better.

Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

I've been using SetApp for more than a year and I have to say, it's become one of my favorite services.

I was skeptical about an app subscription service, but did the math and for Ulysses, Screens, and a few other must-have apps, it was worth its price.

To my surprise, it has actually become even more valuable, as I discover apps I wouldn't have otherwise used -- like Expressions and TablePlus -- or that I may have been weary about buying for their price (like Downie, a youtube-dl frontend that is great but not something I'd necessarily want to spend $20 on).

If you have already paid for some of the pricier apps in SetApp, it's "value" may not be as great -- but as time goes on and more major upgrades are released, it's something Mac users, especially power Mac users should definitely consider.

I love it.


Great selection of apps, always up to date, new additions


Not every app is a winner

I use Setapp For Teams in our startup and it's just awesome. We have 5 people in a team, so we're keep working with the same tools in one workflow. Timing, iStat and CleanMyMac are he top ones
Software Engineer in Seattle. 🐹❤️

I love setapp.


Good apps


Sometimes ya have the apps already!

Digital Marketer & Social Media manager

I love Setapp!! It's got so many amazing apps within the package. I browse the app at least once a week to see what's new and it rarely disappoints.


Pay for one, get a bunch. So many useful apps in one!


Could use a better categorization system

If it wouldn't take up 98% of my CPU headroom, and I haven't used the program...and if a timeout screen didn't result in an order processing without a submit...and if the chatbot's promise to look into a refund...oh, never mind. Deleting Setapp.
I am using Setapp close to a year. All the app collections are good. I have built my app usage around setapp app collections. Highly recommended product.
Developer and Entrepreneur
Product is good but the support is terrible. I have a bug happening for a month that is preventing me from using one of the apps, they don't fix it or even follow up.
I'm moving to a new device and SetApp just deliberately install a set of apps that I don't use on my laptop without asking. Couldn't be more angry, honestly.