Get 100+ curated Mac apps in a single subscription.

Setapp gives you a huge collection of apps for nearly every job on Mac. Duplicate file search, Mac cleaning, coding, blogging, personal budgeting, you name it — all for a single monthly fee. And new apps keep adding all the time. Give it a try!

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After 12 month of development, with more than 30 000 beta testers and 61 app on board, we’re finally releasing our biggest project into the wild— Setapp is live. It’s not just another service, it’s a game changer of the industry. We hope that from this moment on the Mac app market will be divided into “Before Setapp” and “After Setapp” eras. And that is how both users and app makers will feel. We cannot wait to see what Setapp can become, it’s so exciting. Sign up, join the revolution!
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@kosovan Congrats on the launch, love to see your passion and enthusiasm! 💥💥💥
@kosovan been a beta user and love! would be nice to see which apps were recently added in chronological order.. so i dont miss anything a nd i can get full benefit by using as many apps as possible!
Setapp Beta was hunted 2 months back. They are launching today on Product Hunt for anyone to signup. It provides the ultimate alternative to the Mac App Store — a single subscription of only $9.99/month (with a month of free trial) for more than 60 apps. No in-app purchases, no hidden costs, paid upgrades or ads. Plus, the app collection will grow, but the price will stay the same. This is a collection of apps available on Setapp
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@kwdinc so what is the big update from the previous post?
@bentossell @kwdinc They switched from beta to full-fledged app. The previous one was even called - Setapp beta. I think it deserves to be mentioned somehow or at least removed "beta" from the previous submission.
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@bentossell @kwdinc Ben, the newly hunted Setapp has tons of changes and improvements since its beta stage. Now its publicly available with a free one month trial. What has changed: 1) We added 30 new Applications. Setapp now includes 61 fully functional App. 2) The desktop client was significantly improved, added Quick Look, reorganized Apps preview. 3) Apps can now be open directly from Web pages through the newly added "Avaliable on Setapp" button. 4) We released the web site and made the catalogue of all apps on Setapp. 5) People can now add their payment details to start the subscription. We added payments like Amex, Discover, PayPal and more. 6) Added lots of other improvements for Vendors (Statistics and other options). 7) Removed the requirement to enter Credit card information on Signup.
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@alex_romanchykov @bentossell @kwdinc The previous submission was a way different product. Currently Setapp has 61 app on board and tons of improvements since the beta stage.
@ua_philka @alex_romanchykov @kwdinc yeah I was just asking of the updates....
Congrats on the public launch, guys! Setapp looks fresh-n-cool. This is definitely something new when it comes to Mac apps distribution. A lot of industries are already using this subscription based business model nowadays: music (Spotify), movies (Netflix), etc. But I have a few vital questions tho: 1) Are you mainly focused on non-sandboxed Mac apps since those don't get any exposure from Apple via their Mac App Store? Therefore, making developers sell software on their own, and in case their marketing strategy is weak — barely make ends meet, while you offer them exposure and potential customers via Setapp membership. 2) Do you have any apps in Setapp worth more than $100? — That's where the real value is & where your subscription may come in handy. How would you attract Mac app developers who are already selling their software/service via a subscription fee, which could equal or go beyond $10/month? 3) As far as I know, you plan to have up to 300 apps in there. Does this mean that the $10 monthly subscription fee will be divided among MacPaw and other multiple Mac developers — 30% to 70%, which leads to $7/user being distributed among 300 developers? Even if you are using some kind of time-based criteria, how do you determine who gets what if a lot of apps are used differently (I use some apps everyday, while other apps get opened 1-2 times per month). Could you please explain this in greater detail? Thanks in advance!
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Good Job @kosovan I've been enjoying setapp since the beta, and I'm quite pleased with how it's progressing. Their support team is very reactive, and they keep adding new apps all the time. I'm looking forward to see it evolve even more.
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@motdiem Thanks for your feedback, you're always welcome with any questions or suggestions.
@motdiem Thanks! This is just the beginnig, we have so much more interesting updates in the roadmap.
Happy to see the ambition for game changer coming from MacPaw. Mac app market definitely needs this, it's a total mess currently.
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