SessionStack for Intercom

Speed up support with interactive co-browsing for Intercom

SessionStack’s integration with Intercom allows you to start a co-browsing session with your customers with a click of a button from Intercom's live chat. View your customers' screen, remotely guide, or take full control. No downloads or installations required
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Hey hunters, Alex from SessionStack here, We just integrated two awesome products together -- SessionStack and Intercom 🙌. Now, with just a click of a button, you can seamlessly leverage SessionStack’s interactive co-browsing capabilities within your Intercom live-chat. Here is a quick summary of what you can do with SessionStack for Intercom: - Get all the information you need by viewing everything that happens in your customer's browser - Guide your customers by highlighting and drawing on their screen - Take full control when needed -- click, scroll or write for them. SessionStack not only masks sensitive information such as passwords but also allows you to select parts of the page that you want to hide from your agents, offering full control over privacy and security. Our interactive co-browsing requires no client-side downloads or installations. And it works on any web application framework, across all major browsers. You can use SessionStack in our cloud or we can help you deploy it on-premises. With SessionStack and Intercom, you'll provide fast and personal assistance, cut the back-and-forth, and delight your customers. We’d love you to give it a try and let us know what you think. To celebrate the official launch of our integration with Intercom we have a special SessionStack offer for you! 2 free months of interactive co-browsing, session replay, and analytics for your support team if you purchase today. I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. Best, Alex
Good job guys!
@angel_kurtev, thanks for your feedback :)
Good job! I just don’t seem to understand fully how is SessionStack different from screen sharing? For example Zoom? thanks.
@peter_gal thanks for the feedback! Here are some major differences between SessionStack and screen-sharing solutions (including Zoom). Benefits of SessionStack: * SessionStack requires no installation and downloads for your end-users - it's directly integrated into your product. * SessionStack gives you full control over what data is being streamed - you can mask sensitive data which won't even leave the browser of your users. * Due to the way SessionStack works, we're able to also gather information from the browser such as debug and network data, crashes, device details, etc. allowing you to easily pinpoint potential issues. * SessionStack can also automatically record the support session, making it available for your engineering team which can greatly help them troubleshoot issues. * You can deploy SessionStack on-premises or use it in the cloud Benefits of screen-sharing: * You have full access to the desktop of the user and you can access any sort of information and files, not just your web product. * Features for conference calls, allowing you to perform non-support related tasks such as interviews, meetings, etc.
Gread product :)
@david_cacik, thanks for your feedback! :)
SessionStack on its own is a pretty amazing and innovative error-reporting tool. Now that a seamless integration with Intercom is available, the customer support experience and efficiency get to a whole new level. This is a very exciting addition and I can't wait to try it out.
@oggyshopov thanks! Looking forward to your feedback once you try out the integration :)