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Watch recordings of top-notch talks from developer meetups.

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Hi, all πŸ‘‹! My name's Alex and I'm a Developer Advocate at Pusher (you might recognise me as the overly-enthusiastic dude from the Sessions introduction video πŸ˜‚!) First of all, we're thrilled to be announcing Sessions today πŸŽ‰! In a nutshell, Sessions is a platform where we produce and upload recordings of talks from developer meetups. At the moment, we have around 50 inspiring talks by 50 inspiring speakers, from a handful of top-notch meet ups. As a team, it occurred to us that so many inspiring and insightful talks were going unheard, simply because most meetups don't have the resources to record their talks. We wanted to help, and to give back to the communities which have supported us over the years, so we built Sessions. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to drop a comment - I'll try to respond to everyone πŸ™Œ
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Mike CoutermarshUsed to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@bookercodes "overly-enthusiastic dude from the Sessions introduction video" lol. Loved it
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@mscccc I think I got a bit too excited 😜 We're actually going to record another take of the introduction at this swanky-looking place called The Hoxton near our London office next week.