Customer Service Hybrid Bot for Messaging that Scales

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Hi everyone, we are excited to finally be able to share our product with the world. We originally created Servicefriend as a way for businesses to communicate with their customers in the same way people communicate with their friends. We recognized the quick adoption of messaging over two years ago and have been tackling the challenges of handling the massive volume of inquiries businesses receive when opening up messaging as a service platform. Through our years of experience we created the worlds first Hybrid Bot Architecture where the Bot is always on the front end of the conversation. Our Interactive Text Response system analyzes every message sent throughout a conversation automatically handling 40% up front with 60% prioritization and orchestration to the call center. Our case study partnership with Facebook is the first proven use case of a Hybrid Bot. Within one year Globe Telecom, a gigantic telco in South East Asia, produced 22% higher customer satisfaction, 50% reduction in hotline calls, and a 10% cost savings to their call center. We want enterprises to take advantage of the asynchronous, personable, and casual nature of messaging while pleasing their customers in the process. All of us are happy to answer any questions you may have! Ask away!
Looks like a nice idea, who are the makers ? Would love to hear more details.
Great to see you are interested guys. @ido_arad and @david_saidon and I are the makers. I posted a longer summary about us as well. @iamredlus @arielassaraf
Looks good, but your website needs a lot of work. The copy needs to be trimmed down and made far less technical. My eyes start to glaze over at a lot of it. "Servicefriend is the new way for digital transformation." What does that even mean? You start mentioning the benefits before even explaining what you do. That Hybrid Bot Experience section at the bottom should be as close to the top as possible. It's really good! And it gets the point across as directly as possible. The Benchmark KPI section completely loses me. Switch that to a simple one or two metric bar graph and do the Apple-style "2.6x faster! 12x cheaper!" kind of thing. I don't need to know the exact numbers, just show (visually) how much your product improves my bottom line. I'd also drop the number of pages on your site in half. Combine the Products & Solutions, Industries, and Deployable Today pages. They can all live on the same page and reduce the amount of clicking around on your site. Put more calls to action around the site to drive people towards doing demos. Last thing, speed up the intro text on the front page. It takes like 15 seconds to appear and most visitors will have left by then. The animation looks cool, but will spike your bounce rate. Just get to the point :) Hope that helps. It looks like a good product! Good luck with it!
@timdorr We have been extremely focused on creating the best product possible. Thanks for the input! We're glad you took the time to look around our website.
@jonathan_eckstein definitely agree with Tim on the website, was difficult to find out which channels you are offering, navigation was tough. Overall though looks like you guys have created a great product. Would love to find out more about your product, and chat about partnership opportunities with you and your team as I see a lot of applications with our current clientele.
@hook_taylor We offer the capability to build one Hybrid Bot system for all messaging platforms. Our Interactive Text Response connects to any desk with a send/recieve API and we also offer our own desk that is proven to be 5X more productive in asynchronous messaging than any other desk platform. Appreciate the input on the website as well. I'd be happy to get in touch with you Taylor. Feel free to email me at