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#1 Product of the DayDecember 17, 2015
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Hey guys, excited to be back on Product Hunt again - this time for our native iOS app! This app isn't just our website in app form - it's a completely new, all chat interface to solve customer service problems. Now you never have to wait on hold or fill out a web form again - in less than 1 minute you are guided through filing any issue in an intelligent chat interface, and then kept up to date via push notifications. We have big plans for Service's future on mobile and this is just a first step. Would love to hear what you think and happy to answer any questions!
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@schneider Beautiful app with outstanding UX and overall polishing! Chapeau.
Love this product - used it twice now to find a lost snowboard and cancel a gym membership. Do you guys plan to integrate with certain large brands and take over their customer service or will you always represent the consumer?
@paigecraig great question... we're a neutral third party, so we represent both the consumer and the business. If the consumer has been wronged, we fight like hell to get them what they deserve to make it right. If they are filing a dubious case, we will protect the brand by not even bothering them and dealing with the consumer directly.
@schneider Feels to me like brands might value a neutral party's evaluation of their customer service. Perhaps an overall score and some breakdown. Often times there's a disconnect between the frontline support an organization is providing and what the raw numbers tell management.
After raising a seed round, Service have now released their iOS app. You can read the announcement on TechCrunch by @fitztepper @schneider can tell you more on the update :)
Congrats on the launch! Any hilarious or incredible customer service stories so far you can share with us ? πŸ˜„
@eriktorenberg too many for these comments :) safe to say we've seen it all - from the most insane flight or travel situations to the most insane consumers being incredibly unreasonable. Luckily, most consumers are reasonable and most businesses want to do right for their customers.
This app ranks very, very high on my list of "apps that legitimately make my life better". If you haven't tried it out, I'd *highly* recommend it the next time you need something applicable handled.
@chrislea Thanks Chris - glad we make your life better :)