Developer tools for the serverless world

sls-dev-tools improves the Developer-Experience (DX) of building state-of-the-art Serverless applications.
This open-source tool enables you to make intelligent decisions while developing and debugging, directly in your terminal.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
sls-dev-tools is an open-source tool maintained by Theodo and built with the Serverless community. Think of it like Chrome Dev-Tools but for the Serverless world. Developers should not need to jump to the AWS console all the time while developing Serverless applications and they should be guided to the right metrics and actions. sls-dev-tools HQ allows you to interact with your Serverless application resources directly in the terminal. We've also launched sls-dev-tools Guardian (as part of the same toolset) to help check for best practices automatically. - HQ v1.0.0: - Guardian: - Twitter: - GitHub: - Gitter: Stars, Issues, PRs and Comments welcome!
Developer tooling is gaining more importance with the prominent increase in serverless adoption. sls-dev-tools eliminates the lost time between development environment and the browser. The team behind dedicates great time improving the product day-by-day. Our team already contributed to this great open-source initiative and will continue to support!
Great stuff guys!
Cool! Would this work well together with serverless framework?
@victorbjorklund It works with Serverless Framework, SAM and Cloudformation out of the box
This looks good. Looks like this can save a lot of time for us managing Lambda. Trying it now.