is a static web app that you can use to record your screen and webcam at the same time.
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Hello, thanks for checking out my launch. I made this because I couldn't get a Recorder Chrome Extension to work in the last 20 minutes of a hackathon and I had to record the demo with my phone. Afterwards I checked the analytics and the judges apparently didn't even look at the product page. I decided to go ahead and make a recorder that didn't require a download because no download means you don't have to uninstall afterwards.
Nice idea, but is this design trend really happening πŸ˜…
@gauthamzzz Is there a nick name for this kind of web designs?
@gauthamzzz @adigold1 neomorphic design!
@atainha @bobbyzhang wow! Thanks so much:)
How do you handle privacy? Is anything uploaded?
@michael_muchi Thanks Michael, I was waiting for somebody to ask. This is a 100% frontend project which is why I named it Serverless Cam. There should not be any REST API calls save for perhaps Google Analytics. I used reactjs with a divjoy codebase and RecordRTC.
Love the concept and the simplicity of the website.