Postmate's autonomous delivery vehicle

Today we’re introducing something that we’ve been working on for the past two years, Serve. Serve is the new addition to our fleet; an internally developed autonomous delivery rover. Serve is a first of its kind with socially aware navigation that combines design and technology.

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Adorable. The design of this reminds me of Lyft's initial rollout with those ridiculous looking pink mustaches. Film and sci-fi often depict robots as impersonal, steel machines. This is the opposite, reminds me of the Vector robot by Anki. EDIT: Apparently I saw a beta version of this back in November and shared it on Twitter:
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@rrhoover Reminds me of…
@rrhoover @kaigradert also looks a bit like it would deliver Snapchat's Spectacles.
So here it is: Serve - a small but incredibly powerful addition to the Postmates fleet. I'm excited to share Serve with everyone today after working on it for almost two years. Ask us anything.
@basti How long until you will test this in the wild? And what's the top speed?
@basti I mean, is there one that collects garbage in the works?
@basti (this is amazing and I love it, hope it can handle snow :D)
@basti how do you deal with anti social behavior ( e.g. stealing what’s inside)?
@basti @alexgiess At the surface level you have a locked compartment, cameras, a screen that an operator can appear on to speak with anyone interfering, etc. At a deeper level this is about creating a design that encourages empathy and discourages bullying or vandalism.
Putting people out of work
@michael_baker4 I'm guessing several engineers got jobs for this, also a couple of designers, a product manager and some data analysts.
@woakin Because that makes up for the displaced hundreds/thousands if potential of this robot is achieved.
@michael_baker4 the personal computer did too. and then it opened up a whole new industry.
@ginoferrand1 it's a normal evolution, just like tractors or any other technological advancement. Hundreds/thousands of jobs will be created on a new industry.
@woakin @ginoferrand1 The “displaced” hundreds/thousands can take advantage of the millions of courses available for free online or in libraries to become part of this new workforce. The only constant is change, learn to adapt and embrace the ever-changing world.
Congratzzz @basti ! Whenever I see a Velodyne Puck on a robot, I know its creators are serious about actually deploying it IRL 😉
Congrats! Design is great