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#4 Product of the WeekOctober 05, 2016

Serpstat is a cloud-based All-in-One SEO platform for professionals. It includes 5 essential tools: position tracking, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site audit and keyword research.

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Hi, PH! I’m the CEO of Serpstat and I’m happy to show you guys what we’ve created here. First of all, the Search Suggestions tool on Serpstat is free, so you can use it as much as you want. We mostly work with big data mostly used by SEOs, but this particular tool has a lot to offer to general public too. We created an algorithm that finds and saves autocomplete suggestions for any keyword from Google to our database. Now Serpstat knows what will show up in that little box below the search bar as you type your query. We then created a filter that shows only questions for the keyword you entered. This allows you to know what questions about your product people might have and what questions Google will recommend them to ask. By creating content based on these questions you can reach out to your audience and provide a solution to their problem. Go ahead and visit our website, all hunters get a 20% discount to our full service which includes a lot more than featured here: rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis and site audit. You can do everything to promote your product or service online in one place. Let us know what you think about Serpstat, do you like it, what would you add or improve?
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@artem_borodatyuk My two cents: I would definitely make it a little simpler, maybe even make every feature a separate product/site. One simple consistent interface per feature... I found your service pretty overwhelming and I'm curious if every feature is used the most.
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@milann That is a good idea, and we did have this feature on a separate subdomain – (still accessible through this address) but we decided to add it to our main platform to advertise the rest of our product and make sure that people see Serpstat as an all-in-one tool for professionals, which appeals more to our target audience.
@artem_borodatyuk I see that it's not showing results for most European countries, do you plan to add any?
@tall_netpeak Thank you for checking it out. We do plan to add new countries, that is a task that we always work on, but it takes time to collect enough data, we don't want to release databases that miss a lot of results. We're always collecting data for at least 3 new countries at the time. We had to focus on expanding a product and adding new features to it this summer, so we have some catching up to do in terms of new databases.
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@artem_borodatyuk I use Serpstat for some of my projects and it's a highly recommended tool. This new feature is a nice addition to the platform but I think there is a lot of vertical scrolling to find the suggestions and the chart is good but it could be a little bit smaller. But beyond that is an awesome tool.
Tried this out in a very nerdy fashion, tweaking everything, trying to break everything. I found out SEO, anything Google really is a 'not so evil' black art. This is one of those products you can't stop playing with, perfect for growth hackers and web developers and content marketers and web designers and CMO's and anything experimental nerd. I contacted them for a discount and that's also what they offer for you product hunters out there in the Woooorld.
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@milann Thanks for your feedback and for featuring Serpstat here!
@milann , thanks for sharing Serpstat on Product Hunt! much appreciated!
LOVE the tool and so much excited to see it having a blast on ProductHunt! If you are into search engine optimization, PPC or content marketing, give it a try! It has a ton of cool features you'll never find anywhere else (like missing keywords and questions). Play with the filters too! The free version is pretty cool, so no excuse for not trying!
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@seosmarty happy to see your feedback, Ann!
Took a trial account some time ago and used it to research online competition for specific niche. I was expecting to spend couple of hours just understanding the tool to begin with, as it usually is with complex solutions such as this. But to my surprise the learning curve was not steep at all and I managed to get a list of competitors and data on what content they put out in under an hour. I thought that this tool was all about keywords and meant for PPC and SEO guys, but I used it to come up with a good content plan for my project by analyzing what the competition publishes and advertises online. The stats provided by Serpstat also helped me find unfilled content niches and avoid overpopulated topics. I am probably using it for something like 10% of the service's potential and others will be able to take a lot more out of it, especially if you work with Adwords and PPC ads in general. Maybe I should read the blog :) Best of luck guys!
@tim_vlasenko Thank you for your feedback. Always happy to see a satisfied user! If you want to learn more about Serpstat's features, you can address our support team and they will host a live demo for you. You'll see all of the biggest and greatest features, how they work and how to use them to you benefit. Just start a live chat (green icon at the bottom right corner of any page) and you guys can schedule a demo. If you work for an agency we can host one for your team as well.
Very useful product, perfect way to find long-tail keywords! Is there any roadmap for implementing more European countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands?
@jesse_de_boer Thanks for giving it a go. All on the countries you've listed are on our list already. We have been focusing on adding a lot of new features this summer so we're missing out a little and have some catching up to do. The data is being collected and as soon as we have adequate amount of data for these countries they will go public. You can follow out blog, we announce all of our updates there. If you're looking for long-tail keywords make sure to contact our support, they can show a few cool tricks!