21 Completely SEO tools designed to help you perform heavy keyword research, link and competition research, website auditing, and more.

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Hey all! SERPstash came about because I've used all the major SEO tools out there, and found they were either too complicated or too expensive (or both!). What I needed was just a simple toolkit, that showed info like who's linking to my sites, what keywords I rank highly for (and who else is ranking for them) and some simple auditing tools... so I created this simple toolkit that has all those features and more - I hope you like it!
@travisleestreet Fantastic tool! I am addicted to all kinds of SEO tools, and this one looks promising. I'll give it a try! Much luck guys:)
@travisleestreet Great tool. So easy to use. Thank you!
OK, I really like this kind of tools, but you guys have to at least let us try them :-) Just made a new account, entered one site name, and then went to competition analysis. Entered one keyword there, and got a "Request limit reached or exceeded." So, I'd suggest to check it out and I will return to see what happened. Other than that, best of luck, and wish you lots of success guys!
@leanshot thanks! Traffic is a bit crazy at the moment - try a hard refresh 😇

Sorry guys but the limit is exceeded too quikly moreover, my first impression of keyword competition was very bad compare to other tool


Every tool is a same place


Bad quality of some tools

Hi Barth, we've improved the limits on all our tools so there should be no more limits being hit - this includes keyword competition!
The product looks abandoned and is on sale as a money grab. Most functionalities doesn't work. There's zero way to contact support on the website speed test -> test server is busy high quality backlinks new backlinks poor backlinks -> site too big indexed pages -> missing required parameter region (looks like a back end error) ...
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@thanhphu would be good to hear from someone on this. Great points.
Since you're getting e-mail signups, a Privacy Policy (on the lines of "we won't spam, or sell your e-mail address") would definitely help.
@travisleestreet I can't find your privacy policy page
@xameeramir it’s on the register page 👍