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#1 Product of the DayOctober 22, 2017

21 Completely SEO tools designed to help you perform heavy keyword research, link and competition research, website auditing, and more.

  • Barth Bamasta
    Barth BamastaGrowth & Founder

    Every tool is a same place


    Bad quality of some tools

    Sorry guys but the limit is exceeded too quikly moreover, my first impression of keyword competition was very bad compare to other tool

    Barth Bamasta has used this product for one day.
  • František Vráb
    František VrábWebdesigner, mangools



    Without registration I didn't find any information

    Strict url input, beside that i didn't see any results, should offer some data without registration

    František Vráb has used this product for one day.
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Travis Lee Street
Travis Lee StreetMaker@travisleestreet · Founder @
Hey all! SERPstash came about because I've used all the major SEO tools out there, and found they were either too complicated or too expensive (or both!). What I needed was just a simple toolkit, that showed info like who's linking to my sites, what keywords I rank highly for (and who else is ranking for them) and some simple auditing tools... so I created this simple toolkit that has all those features and more - I hope you like it!
Mila Chervenkova💪
Mila Chervenkova💪@milachervenkova · Test More Than I Consume 🔥🔥🔥
@travisleestreet Fantastic tool! I am addicted to all kinds of SEO tools, and this one looks promising. I'll give it a try! Much luck guys:)
Travis Lee Street
Travis Lee StreetMaker@travisleestreet · Founder @
@milachervenkova Thanks! 👏
Alexandru Bleau
Alexandru Bleau@alexandru_bleau · Product @trivago
@travisleestreet Great tool. So easy to use. Thank you!
leo varnavas
leo varnavas@leanshot · The future is closer than you think.
OK, I really like this kind of tools, but you guys have to at least let us try them :-) Just made a new account, entered one site name, and then went to competition analysis. Entered one keyword there, and got a "Request limit reached or exceeded." So, I'd suggest to check it out and I will return to see what happened. Other than that, best of luck, and wish you lots of success guys!
Travis Lee Street
Travis Lee StreetMaker@travisleestreet · Founder @
@leanshot thanks! Traffic is a bit crazy at the moment - try a hard refresh 😇
Manish Malik
Manish Malik@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
Since you're getting e-mail signups, a Privacy Policy (on the lines of "we won't spam, or sell your e-mail address") would definitely help.
Zameer Ansari
Zameer Ansari@xameeramir · @nordible previous @nerdspal @nistencorp
@travisleestreet I can't find your privacy policy page
Travis Lee Street
Travis Lee StreetMaker@travisleestreet · Founder @
@xameeramir it’s on the register page 👍
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen@vu_nguyen · Product Manager at Nilead
The speed measurement suggestions should take into account http2 as well. There is not much need to recommend combination of css and js assets with the http2 protocol I think?
Travis Lee Street
Travis Lee StreetMaker@travisleestreet · Founder @
@vu_nguyen ah nice 👍
Luis Gabriel Martins
Luis Gabriel Martins@luis_martins · Brazilian working on a startup in Rio
Thanks for sharing this tool @travisleestreet I’ll definitely check it out. In thestartup I work for we will just start doing SEO marketing.