Binaural ambient sounds to relax, focus and sleep

3D ambient soundscapes to relax, focus and fall asleep. Captured using special binaural microphones to give you an immersive experience.
All your tracks work offline too and we will keep adding new binaural tracks every month.
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I've been obsessed with ASMR and binaural audio for a while and recorded audio from places I've been to using Sennheiser AMBEO microphones. Planning to use this app to publish my recordings. Please let me know what you guys think :)
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@floprr Oh man Im in love with the App, please add more tracks! The sound quality is just mind blowing as well :o
@yassine_rajallah Thank a lot :) More tracks are coming soon. Stay tuned.
When we can expect an Android Version ?
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@kip_olsen_xyphon No plans yet but will definitely consider it. :)
I live this app. So relaxing. Too bad there are so little binaural sounds. Excellent job and really nice app. Congrats!
@remusbaltariu Thank you :) I've already recorded more binaural tracks and planning to add them very soon.
I've been wanting this for years. Just downloaded - it's great!