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I would like to add a search feature. Cycling through so many tools is a lot. Dope Product 🚬🚬
@dredurr reckon adding algolia would do the trick?
@dredurr Great that's pretty easy to add. Could you explain how you would use it? All I can think of is searching for SEO tool/product name and finding it, but not sure about the value in that
@henrikharju on mobile it's a very long list to search through. In the search field. You can put the same inputs as the filtering sorter. Such as searching for "List building". Instead of clicking the listbuilding in filter tab.
@dredurr okay interesting. I'll tag products with name & filters for the search then :)
Nice. Sorting by price/features wold be appreciated.
@csaba_kissi Are the "filters" not good enough for feature sorting? Price sorting sounds good! Will add into backlog.
Yo PH! is a simple tool to find SEO tools for specific SEO purposes. You filter tools by categories such as: All-in-one 16, Backlink Analysis 40, Content Optimization 51, Competitor Research 51, Free 89, International 20, Link Building 37, Local 18, Keyword Research 65, Mobile 21, Rank Tracking 64, Technical 59. There's even an explainer video & even coupon codes to test a tool out. How could this be made better?
@henrikharju The details for cognitiveSEO are not right. How can we get this fixed?
@amvlad send fixes to and I'll get it sorted
Seems like it's being pretty gamed at the moment
@fighto How do you mean?
@fighto welcome to the SEO industry :)
@henrikharju It seems highly unlikely that a tool like the fe international website penalty indicator tool would have more upvotes than a majestic (although I do love that tool). Seems indicative to me that there was probably mass upvote that happened.
@iota Yeah, it's unfortunate to see something like that on PH though. We have a hard enough time with reputation among developers and much of the start up community.
@fighto Will add analytics in place so that it's easy to spot this kinda behavior and make changes.

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