SEO Writing Assistant helps content creators to ensure their texts are unique and written in an SEO-friendly style by providing recommendations for content optimization based on best-performing articles in Google’s top-10 for given keywords in a given location. Seamlessly integrates with Google Docs and Wordpress.

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Hi, Product Hunters! I’m Ilya Onskul, the maker of SEO Writing Assistant, and also a product owner in SEMrush (Sensor tool). It’s my first release on a Product Hunt and I’m thrilled to present our new extension to the community! The idea of SEO Writing Assistant came to my mind when we at SEMrush were thinking about features we should add to our content toolkit to make it helpful at each step of the content workflow. After a series of brainstorms and researches about the needs and concerns of content professionals, I’ve realized they spend a lot of time on content optimization, and this is one of the most tedious parts of workflow. It struck me how my team and I could help content marketers with this task - create a tool that automates the optimization process and doesn’t require a deep knowledge of SEO. This is how SEO Writing Assistant was born! My goal was to create a tool that seamlessly integrates with marketers’ workflow and complements the existing process. That is why we came up with solutions for the two most popular platforms where content professionals create their material - Google Docs add-on and Wordpress plugin. I also wanted the tool to provide all necessary recommendations in real time to reflect all of the text’s edits and ensure that written content is SEO friendly and unique. That wasn’t a problem, because we had all of SEMrush’s data power behind us to help gather such metrics. The integration with the SEO Content Template tool allowed us to show such metrics as readability, recommended keywords, word count, plagiarism check and so on, right next to the text. I’m very excited to share this tool with you today and hear your honest feedback! Please feel free to leave any comments or ask questions – all of your thoughts will be considered in our further development! And to make the process of testing easier, I would love to offer you a special two-week access to the entire SEMrush content toolkit, so that you have the unique chance to test SEO Writing Assistant, and maybe some other content tools that grab your attention. Just follow this link ( and enter the promo code SWA-UKDUIJDH.
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@ilya_onskul Your team has created a winner. I've only used it in Google Docs, but that's a huge plus since so many teams primarily collaborate in GDocs. This makes it possible to get everyone onboard earlier on with what a finished product should look like, read like and include for machines and humans.
@ilya_onskul If you are planning to do outbound sales, few strategies : a) Target startups who have recently raised money. Since they have raised money, they will be spending aggressively on SEO and reaching out to them at this moment will give you better conversion. b) Target startups who are hiring for SEO. Since they are already hiring for SEO, it means it is their area of focus right now that is why hiring for this position. Again 10X better conversion.
I'm a big fan of SEMrush and have been using them for many years. I'll definitely use the Google Docs extension, though with trying to minimize WordPress plugins (because speed and maintenance) I don't think I'll be using the WordPress plugin as Yoast offers much of this as well.
@dohertyjf Hi John! So cool to know you are a part of our SEMrush team for many years :) We'll keep improving our product to make it even more helpful!

The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant isn't bad, but it still has plenty of room for growth. Read my in-depth review here:


Easy to use, straightforward, and has a few helpful features


Doesn't explain much, and is missing a few good features

Hi, Joe. Thank you for a thorough review. I hope that you'd be glad to hear that more actionable advice on how to work on your readability is coming to SWA very soon.

I love this WordPress plugin. Helps me to stay creative while I'm still keeping an eye on keywords. I have Yoast to edit my snippet and this one for keywords.


Easy to setup

Helps to get some keyword ideas

Works with WordPress

Nice readability and plagiarism check


Shows to many words as a target. In my industry an average article is shorter

Thanks for your nice review, Ivan! :)
Nice WordPress plugin! It's similar to what Yoast SEO does to help you keyword optimize your posts. Adds some things not available in Yoast such as a list of contextual keywords to use. Also in Yoast from what I know it's just 300 words standard for word count while this one seems to look at number of words in the top pages ranking for your keyword so it gives a better recommendation. I wish for it to include recommended keywords to target rather than give a blank field in order to start optimizing. You already "read" the content of the post so can just as well suggest some relevant keywords that get enough searches but also fit with the strength of my site so it's realistic for me to target it in order to rank. That would make it so much easier for the average blogger to start using this. I think that blank screen and needing to come up with keyword yourself stops many from using it and even those who enter something don't really pick the right keyword to target according to the data.
@markosaric Marco, thanks for the feedback! We're considering having some form of automatic text analysis at the start, but is it not a simple story to do. Stay tuned for the updates!