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@Greglefort Thanks a lot for hunting! We decided to release some free little tools that could help you in your daily SEO routine. I hope you will enjoy them. ** Special for PH ** If you want to try our Advanced Crawler features, I am glad to give you 20% off any subscribtion. Simply use the code : PRODUCTHUNT20
Nice. Smart way to upsell to advanced features, however, the savvy user can find the same tools (with most of those advanced futures) for free.
@jesse__muller assuming you are one of those savvy users, could you pls share the name of those tools?
@dannyrichman could've figured someone would ask that ;) .For instance Screaming Frog SEO (for dead link checking among many other things), SEO Meta in 1 click (for chrome, to check SEO data of pages, including how it looks when sharing on social). Chrome (or other) built-in developer inspector to check load times of elements, http headers, etc. There is more, but this are just some from the top of my head.
@jesse__muller we are always happy to help SEOs That's why we have released a lot of Open source and free stuff for the SEO community. You should try and our amazing features such as our Near Duplicates detector, our Combined analysis (logs+crawl), Inrank metrics... they are not free but are very powerful. Feel free to DM me.
Good One tools for SEO ... Extension is good
Nice!!! It's very useful for me. Thank you very much!!!
Good afternoon sir I am sending the details of the back of the building