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Francois Goube
Francois GoubeMaker@francoisgoube · CEO @Cogniteev
@Greglefort Thanks a lot for hunting! We decided to release some free little tools that could help you in your daily SEO routine. I hope you will enjoy them. ** Special for PH ** If you want to try our Advanced Crawler features, I am glad to give you 20% off any subscribtion. Simply use the code : PRODUCTHUNT20
Jesse Muller
Jesse Muller@jesse__muller · Strategy & Marketing, Paal15
Nice. Smart way to upsell to advanced features, however, the savvy user can find the same tools (with most of those advanced futures) for free.
Danny Richman
Danny Richman@dannyrichman
@jesse__muller assuming you are one of those savvy users, could you pls share the name of those tools?
Jesse Muller
Jesse Muller@jesse__muller · Strategy & Marketing, Paal15
@dannyrichman could've figured someone would ask that ;) .For instance Screaming Frog SEO (for dead link checking among many other things), SEO Meta in 1 click (for chrome, to check SEO data of pages, including how it looks when sharing on social). Chrome (or other) built-in developer inspector to check load times of elements, http headers, etc. There is more, but this are just some from the top of my head.
Francois Goube
Francois GoubeMaker@francoisgoube · CEO @Cogniteev
@jesse__muller we are always happy to help SEOs That's why we have released a lot of Open source and free stuff for the SEO community. You should try and our amazing features such as our Near Duplicates detector, our Combined analysis (logs+crawl), Inrank metrics... they are not free but are very powerful. Feel free to DM me.
SLA ConsultantsIndia
SLA ConsultantsIndia@slaconsultants · SLA Consultants India
Good One tools for SEO ... Extension is good
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith@katherine_smith1
Nice!!! It's very useful for me. Thank you very much!!!