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Meow Meow there! Storytellers often don't think about SEO because it's too technical or they don't have enough knowledge to optimize their copy. Your story might be great, but if it can't be found by search engines then it's a pity. That's why we've integrated an SEO Tool inside the editor so you can increase your ranking in Google and the readability of your Stories by applying real-time tips without tech knowledge. Once your story is ready you can publish it to multiple platforms with a click. It actually saves up to 4h per article... Check out the screencast of the SEO Tool : WE WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Some of our cooler features (because we personally love them all) allows you to: 🤝 Approval & Collaboration flow for articles 👥 Trigger Ambassadors to re-share content 👩‍💻 Send out press releases to your journalist friends 🚀 Plan content in the Content Calendar Please sign up for a free account and start throwing your thoughts right at us, both good and bad. We are here to answer your questions all day long.
Screencast for the SEO Tool can be found here:

Want an SEO plugin for content across all your channels. Here's your chance.


StoryChief does it again! Awesome SEO tool for all those blogging.


None I can think of right now

Thank you Jeroen!

Been using it for a couple of months now and it's awesome. This is for you If you are a solo blogger, and even if you manage a whole team of content creator, as it has the features for everything content related.

The best part?

It helps you create the content and publish it! say good bye to those Zapier or IFTTT recipes! It even has a content calendar, say waat!


Easy to use, great time saver, awesome UI



Thanks a lot!
Onboarding was done very well. As a first time user, I need hand-holding. You achieved that with the various prompts at each stage. The app has everything that I would use in different apps into one. NinjaOutreach- Influencer outreach Buffer/Hootsuite- Scheduling posts Medium- Writing content Each platform is really good at doing one thing. Are you trying to be the best All-In-One (swiss army 🔪 ) platform or the best at each step in content marketing? Is their a way that I can monitor my ad budget, if I choose to promote my content? Because the app is covering so many things, a lot of hand-holding is needed. dope 🚬
@dredurr Hi Dre, thank you so much for your valuable feedback! Our goal is to be the MailChimp of content marketing as a matter of fact. No intentions to add social ads / promoted content at the moment though. You're right, the app has so many features, but long story short, the whole content marketing flow is covered in our tool: from planning, briefing, collaboration to creation, approval, SEO assistant, to multichannel publishing and stats. A lot of questions could already be answered in our Help Center ( so have a look there, and/or have a chat with us!
@dredurr Thank you, great feedback!