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Optimize your text in Google Docs for SEO by our easy-to-use Chrome extension. Get real-time optimization recommendations based on your text and keyphrases. Powered by
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When you’re creating articles it’s extremely important to make sure the copy is well optimized for search engines in order to attract more and more visitors to your website over time. There are of course some technical rules to apply when doing so, but all you want to do is write and not taking care of technical stuff, right? That's why we've created an SEO tool for Google Docs, so we take care of all the technical rules for you! Simply start writing in Google Docs, open the extension, put in your keyword and there you go! Now you have a list of all the SEO changes you can apply to make your text even better. Not only does it come with an SEO check, but there's a readability check in there as well. This section will make sure that your story is easy to digest for your readers. A critical part of the writing process! 👉 Here you can find more info about how it works: Enjoy your new way of writing in Google Docs with our SEO Chrome extension, powered by StoryChief. WE WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Some of our other cooler features (because we personally love them all) allow you to: 🤝 Approval & Collaboration flow for articles 👩‍💻 Distribute articles to all your websites, social channels and newsletters with one click! 📆 Plan content in the Content Calendar 🚀 Gather multichannel results in one dashboard Test it out and start throwing your thoughts right at us, both good and bad. We are here to answer your questions all day long.
Love storychief -- good job on this! I'll use it for guest posts.
@aazar_ali_shad Thank you, Aazar! 🔥
looks very cool. I use SC and do much work inside Google Sheets & Docs. What a powerful to provide more tools for us. Cheers to the SC team!
@jeremy_poland1 Thanks Jeremy! Enjoy your writings! ✍️
Awesome - love this!
@mattcrail Thanks Matthew! 🤩
It seems to be nice. I installed it and will try it for sure! Good job guys!
@othmane_g Hope you enjoy the extension, Othmane!