AI-powered SEO audit and planning tool

#2 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2019
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SEO Dub - AI-powered SEO audit and planning tool that:
🔎 scan yours and your competitor websites daily
👨‍💻detects weaknesses
📈tracks over 100K top ranking URLs
👩‍🎓use all the data to learn
✨creates customized, easy to follow strategy
🏆gets you to the #1
  • Lydia Sugarman
    Lydia SugarmanCEO/Founder

    It does all the work for you across multiple spendy tools and delivers a report.


    I don't see any negatives

    Support is awesome!

    Lydia Sugarman has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Great idea



    Great idea! I love it

    Petar Petrovic has used this product for one day.
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Bart Boch
Bart BochMaker@mrbartboch · Indie Hacker
Hello everyone. My name is Bart, and I am the creator of SEO Dub - AI-powered SEO audit and planning tool. Reason: SEO provides highly targeted traffic for websites that rank high, but there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to deciding what's the best strategy. Problem: Custom made strategies that perform research and full audit on yours and your competition websites cost a lot. Without it, SEO is a bit like gambling. Solution: SEO Dub audits over 100,000 top ranking URLs each day to build a database. When you submit your URL to the system, it will scan your website and 100 top competitors. Then it will perform a full audit on you and your top 3 competitors each day. Using all the data gathered it will detect the most viable and least troublesome way to increase the rankings. It will hunt for your competitor weaknesses and turn them to your strengths. By generating an easy to follow the to-do list, it will allow you to reach the top rankings with the least effort needed. The longer SEO Dub is allowed to analyze your website, the better it gets. It can take even a few days before you will get your custom strategy - because SD takes its time to be sure, not to guess. We use Moz, Majestic, Alexa, Semrush, and Ahrefs - all the SEO powerhouses to get metrics compiled in one place. Today is our launch day, and I have a special offer prepared for Product Hunt. For the first few subscribers, we offer $20 off ofour monthly packages and $200 off + 2 months free for annual ones. All for the life of the subscription!
f-zahra jebari
f-zahra jebari@f_zahra_jebari
@mrbartboch. كيف دالك اريد ان اعرف
Alexandr Romanenko
Alexandr Romanenko@alexandr_romanenko · marketing
great idea!
Bart Boch
Bart BochMaker@mrbartboch · Indie Hacker
@alexandr_romanenko Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions!
Alok Ahuja
Alok Ahuja@alok_ahuja · CEO & Co-Founder
Looking forward to sharing this with my marketing team and getting signed up!! Excellent use of AI guys.
Bart Boch
Bart BochMaker@mrbartboch · Indie Hacker
@alok_ahuja Thank you Alok, I really appreciate kind words! I am looking forward to working with your team!
James Villarrubia
James Villarrubia@james_mtc · Co-Founder of Mt. Cleverest
This is cool. I've already sent it to multiple teams I work with. Can't wait to see the competitor data in the dashboard too.
Bart Boch
Bart BochMaker@mrbartboch · Indie Hacker
@james_mtc Thank you James! I really appreciate it. Keep checking the dashboard, it is constantly evolving!
Travis Osterhaus
Travis Osterhaus@travisosterhaus · Repod: A Podcast Discovery Platform
SEO here. Checking it out with my 1st URL and will report back in once I have the results.
Bart Boch
Bart BochMaker@mrbartboch · Indie Hacker
@travisosterhaus Sounds good. If you will have any questions - message me! Make sure to give it a bit time so it can scan the competitors and find some patterns!