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#5 Product of the DayApril 02, 2020
The Content Editor tool in WebSite Auditor lets you write SEO-friendly content even without much SEO expertise. Get specific keyword recommendations as you write - all based on in-depth SERP stats and competitor analysis.
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Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! ✌️ Hi, PH community! 😊 Today, we’d love to introduce a solution that can make the lives of SEOs and copywriters so much easier - the totally revamped Content Editor tool inside WebSite Auditor . Pain point we’re addressing: Writing good content is challenging, but making that content stand out in the search engine results can be an overwhelming task for even the most talented copywriters. They have to rely on SEO experts to get professional recommendations. SEOs, in their turn, have to spend hours to craft those copywriting tasks with recommendations that are clear and actionable. Our new Content Editor was designed so that copywriters and SEOs can have a much better experience writing and optimizing content. No more struggling with multiple tools to check pages, analyze competitors’ content, get on-page advice, create content and reports - all can be done inside the Content Editor module. What makes this tool unique: ✅ It’s built for SEOs and copywriters; ✅ it shows you the topic leader in your niche, ✅ it provides instant data-driven advice for a page's copy (based on multiple metrics); ✅ if you don’t have a page (or even a website), you may still use the tool to get content recommendations while you write; ✅ It supports almost all languages; ✅ It lets you create PDF reports with how-to guidelines for your copywriter. How the tool works: ➡️ First you create a project in WebSite Auditor. ➡️ Switch to the Content Analysis > Content Editor, pick the page you want to optimize and enter your target keywords. ➡️ Let the tool analyze your page and competitors’ content. ➡️ See how your page scored and get down to improving it! ➡️ Or simply save all on-page recommendations into PDF and send them to your copywriter. I guess you have dozens of questions, so feel free to head over to our website and get your free copy of WebSite Auditor. Try out the updated Content Editor and feel free to share your questions, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! Aleh Barysevich (Founder and CTO)
Finally the world is ready! Congrats Aleh and Website Auditor team! 😊 Been with you guys forever and it only gets better. Are you into SEO? Try this out. These guys are the originals and know what's up.
@_adeeb Thanks for choosing us all these years, Adeeb! 😊
This looks like an awesome update! Can't wait to test it! Good job!
@seosmarty Thank you so much, Ann! 👍 Don't hesitate to message me with any questions 🙂
I've been waiting for this update for so long! That's a huge time-saver. Will give it a try right now Thanks guys!
@john_bricks Appreciate your support, Arthur! Feel free to share your thoughts after trying out the tool.
This is a great product. You can extract A LOT of information from your site - or your competitor's. Easily one of the best tools I have in my arsenal for technical SEO and content marketing. Oh, and it's a local install so you don't get hit with limits and fees like a typical SaaS. Really appreciate what these folks do.
@patrick_healy1 Appreciate your feedback, Patrick! You've just nailed all our unique propositions 😀
Great approach, love the idea of using the SERP data. Thanks!
@mesiremarga Thank you, Nathan! I hope you'll find the tool useful :)