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$0 upfront education - your hack to a cybersecurity job

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Sensei School makes easy to hack your way into a cybersecurity career through accessible education and job guarantee - all without debt, interest rates or the need to travel.

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Dimitar Vidolov
Dimitar VidolovMaker@dvradrebel · Co-Founder @ Sensei School
Hey PH, I'm one of the Co-founders of Sensei School - we believe unemployment and skill gaps must be eliminated. We also think education should be very accessible, should guarantee outcomes while helping companies stay safe and secure. We’d love to hear your ideas about Sensei School, as well as any feedback and answer some questions. Product Hunt Launch Gift: introducing Product Hunt Scholarships! 100% free for 5 people in need! We want to do these (and more) every year, so please help spread the word! PS If you are hiring check
@KaratBaroness@flipthistweet · Chairwoman of
Hi Mr. Vidolov , love this idea and opportunity, just filled out application, hopefully it's open to Canadian applicants also, as I'm very interested in pursuing a career in cyber security . Thank you so much for your time and your teams' great effort of putting this site and solution all together! - Courtney Driver
Dimitar Vidolov
Dimitar VidolovMaker@dvradrebel · Co-Founder @ Sensei School
@flipthistweet Hi Courtney, thanks for applying! We are glad you share our views, we'd love to open up Sensei School to Canadian applicants. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter or sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch! - Dimitar
Anthony Da Mota
Anthony Da Mota@akdm_ · I upvote things that matter.
I like the idea. It's in the same idea of what we do in France with the 42 School (which is also in San Francisco and Morocco now!).
Bruce Bolton
Bruce Bolton@brucebolton · Founder, CourseBuffet
Do you have more specifics on what the curriculum is?
Dimitar Vidolov
Dimitar VidolovMaker@dvradrebel · Co-Founder @ Sensei School
Hi @brucebolton students and companies get a detailed curriculum upon successful application.
Jérémie Olivier
Jérémie Olivier@jeremie_olivier · Co-founder at Mosaeek
Hi, there is a lot of needs in cyber security Formation. I really love that you make the formation accesible for all, and how you reverse the student load problem is just smart. Education field need more entrepreneurs like you Best of luck with this project ! Just a quick Feedback : I think what's most important with online formation is to provide ways and tools to keep the social interactions hight, as it is ( for me at least ) as important as the content itself, and I didn't see any points of this on your website. Would you mind giving a bit more details about your plans for this ?