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Sense, a gadget that sits on your nightstand and monitors your sleeping environment.The device includes motion, light, temperature, humidity, noise and air quality sensors in order to understand your environment. Sense comes with a little device called Sleep Pill. It simply attaches to your pillow and invisibly tracks your sleep at night. You don’t need to put on any uncomfortable wearables or remember to charge something or press a button. Sense knows when you’re falling asleep, soundly asleep, thrashing about, or waking up. All your sleep data from Sense and the Sleep Pill is viewable on your phone. The app tells you how well you slept, or didn’t. Easily see disturbances during your night. Sense’s Smart Alarm, knows the right time to wake you, so you will feel alert and refreshed. I use jawbone up and most nights forget to press the night mode!
@kwdinc This looks amazing, though I probably wouldn't want to buy four+ sleep pills just to accurately track my sleep across my plethora of pillows. Also, the one-year life expectancy is a bit of a turn-off. If I were to have a sleep pill on each pillow, I'd be spending $400/year just to track my sleep. I use a $1.99 app (Sleep Cycle) to track my sleep, and it's done the trick for three years, so I'm probably out of the scope of their ideal customer.
@stttories Sleep cycle is a great app!
@kwdinc @stttories I've used Sleep Cycle in the past, but it ran my battery down, didn't sample often enough to catch when I was waking up most of the time, or give me any insight into what caused any differences I'd see. So I dropped off when it became paid. I'm excited to check out Sense, since it takes environment into effect.
Let me see if I can get the founder @jamesproud in here.
Brilliant idea for a product, as the traction and success of sleep apps and sleep bands shows demand but they are all sub-optimal. And the design is something I would put in my bedroom. Will be very interested to see how the app comes together, which will be crucial. In testing these products in the past those that seem to focus on "quality" of sleep have the real problem of simply being, well, qualitative. So I know my sleep wasn't great but what action do I take? IMHO apps like Sleepbot do a better by first focusing the UI on getting enough sleep, which is where most people fail anyway, and is also actionable. Then deal with quality second. Either way, backed it.
Seems awesome and beautiful. But also the type of thing that I have polarized expectations for: to be life-changingly useful, or practically useless. I use Sleep Cycle, I like it a lot - mostly for the function that it wakes me up when I'm naturally more awake. Partly I feel like I have Kickstarter Fatigue (at some unknown point in the future I have a lot of random gadgets rolling in...) but also this is something that I'm happy to wait for, hear reviews about, and then based on those reviews I'm happy to spend an extra $30-$100-$200 to buy Sense then.