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Hi Product Hunt, I know what you’re thinking: «Why would someone build another collaborative Task app?» 🤔 After all, there’s already a few with millions of users. Here’s why: While we love ❤️ Asana, Trello and similar tools and used them in our team since forever, we noticed one thing: Whenever we worked with freelancers, service providers or other third parties, instead of sending them a task, we fell back into our old habits and sent them an email! Why? Because no one wants to go through the trouble of creating accounts and onboarding when you only work together for a few weeks or months. That’s why we decided to build Sendtask - it combines the power of collaborative task management with the ease of Email. Sendtask allows you to send tasks to anyone - as long as you know their email address. The recipient doesn’t need to create an account but can still do everything that he should be able to do with a task - discuss, add attachments, change the assignee and the due date, and of course - complete the task. Gone are the days where you need to onboard someone before you can start work efficiently with them! Since all you need to collaborate with someone is their email, we are able to build some really cool integrations. We believe that you should be able to create tasks whenever and wherever you already work - meaning that if you get a lot of your work done in your email client or Slack, that’s where you should be able to create tasks. Those two integrations are already live and there’s a lot more to come. Please test Sendtask and tell us what you think. We hope that it will make you and your team more successful ✨ and that you will never have to fall back to email when you’re getting stuff done with someone inside or outside your team! Very excited to be on PH! 🍿 Cédric & Team Sendtask PS: Our native apps (🤖 & 🍎) are on their way!
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Hey all, here are few ways to make the most out of Sendtask: -Use the web app as a central hub to manage tasks. Create and assign tasks, set due dates, comment, add attachments and organize everything into specific projects. -Use the Slack integration to create and assign tasks, set due dates and see your to-do list. Everything is synced with the web app so you can track everything in one place. -Use email and Evernote's email feature to create and assign tasks, set due dates and comment. Again, everything is synced with the web app. We'll be happy to help with any questions along the way :)
This looks great! I work closely with professors to build online courses, and we've started adding professors as guests to Asana projects, but Asana seems to be a little much for some of them. They're very email-based and account-averse, so a task management system that meets them where they are and also allows us to keep track of tasks on our end is just fantastic. Looking forward to trying this out!
@barnabybones Thanks for your comment. We've built Sendtask with this exact pain point in mind! Let us know if you see any potential how we can further improve Sendtask!
@tom_burger Thanks, will do! One issue I'm wrestling with is that my team uses Asana internally and I'm not sure we'd be willing to part with it, but Sendtask seems like a way better tool to use for clients tasks (our professors). So, I know this sounds silly, but an Asana integration would be great, or a Zapier integration that would allows us to set up a process to connect the two tools somehow. I realize this is a little counter-intuitive, though.
@barnabybones Good point. I don't think we'll be able to show Asana tasks in Sendtask anytime soon - I think that will be against their will and they'd eventually shut us down. We have an Asana-Importer on our list though. What features beyond Subtasks and recurring due dates would you miss the most?
Cool new product by my friend @tom_burger! His real name is Cedric btw 😎 Take it away Cedric!
@bramk Thanks for having us on PH! Very excited to be here and to lift the curtain on what we've been working on over the past 4 months!
Looks great! Well done Cédric & team. We've used Trello a lot on the past, which is good, but then again some in the team just don't like it. Then if we're working with external people who don't have an account or haven't used, it's annoying to get them set-up and indeed like you say - we just revert back to email and back & forth on slack, which is hard to keep a track of what's actually done and still to be done. Definitely solves a big and common problem, looking forward to trying it out.
@dan_fennessy Thanks a lot for your feedback! This is 100% the problem we encountered and we're solving with Sendtask. We realized that we reverted to email in those cases where it was especially important to collaborate efficiently (with 3rd party providers, lawyers, etc.) but couldn't find a tool that made it simple enough. Let us know how you like the app once you've tried it!