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Igor ShevkopliasMaker@shevkoplias · CMO at SendPulse
Hi Product Hunters! Check out our SendPulse Bot for Slack We're probably the first company who introduced an email marketing tool into Slack. With a few keystrokes you can add somebody into your autoresponder series, send a web push notification or an email campaign. Then get email delivery reports in Slack. We will be happy to answer your questions and hear your suggestions on ProductHunt. Please share our bot with your friends who use Slack, too!
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Paul Shuteyev@paul_shuteyev · CMO, PromoRepublic
I'm not an "install all bots!" guy, but this is definitely a useful one! Will give it a try with my next campaign :) btw, good looking landing page.
Igor ShevkopliasMaker@shevkoplias · CMO at SendPulse
@paul_shuteyev Thanks, Paul. Glad you liked the landing page and looking forward to your feedback!
Volodymyr Nesterenko@volodymyr_nesterenko · Managing Partner at Digital Future
Well done, guys! Do you plan to add campaign monitoring commands too?
Igor ShevkopliasMaker@shevkoplias · CMO at SendPulse
@volodymyr_nesterenko Thanks for your interest! Actually we do have a command "/sendpulse_campaigns" that returns the list of your sent campaigns. After clicking the "details" button you can see basic stats of your email campaign.
Valentin Tsay@valentin_tsay1
The product is superb! Glad that there's an email marketing company that innovates.
Igor ShevkopliasMaker@shevkoplias · CMO at SendPulse
@valentin_tsay1 Thank you for your kind words!
Mark Savchuk@savchukmark
Uuu, sexy :) Do you plan on adding bots to the other platforms, like FB messenger for example? Thanks guys, gl! :)
Igor ShevkopliasMaker@shevkoplias · CMO at SendPulse
@savchukmark Thank you, Mark! We gathered some experience while making this bot and plan to create bots for other platforms, like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.