Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.


Kevin William David
@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
SendPulse Artificial Intelligence makes e-mail marketing better. SendPulse creates a behavior user profile for each subscriber based on their communication preference, timezone, content, layout, product purchases and many other unique data points. The user profile is than used by the AI platform to not just create the best experience for each user, but to … See more
Bogdan Su
@bogdan_su · Founder at MobalyticsHQ.com
Looks like a great tool. Btw, do you use any email enrichment service (i.e. clearbit.com) for personalization or all the data is collected by you?
Manana Samuseva
@manana_samuseva · CEO/Founder ILIFTTV
This is crazy, cool idea! I was literally discussing this exact concept with my team a few weeks ago. So happy to see someone made it. Actually founder convinced me to try SendPulse and to start sending out newsletters. Simple interface & amazing crawler. Before you start using the API Platform, I have a few questions, I really like AI and personaliza… See more
Avinash D'Souza
@avinashdsouza · VP, Marketing @ Deck Apps
Sounds like a winner if they get it right! *fingers crossed* What behaviour patterns within user groups is the AI trained to recognize? Does the AI make content/engagement suggestions based on these patterns? Even as a classic ESP solution, looks pretty sweet as an offering compared to what's out there...it's definitely the only product I've seen that bund… See more
Mark Savchuk
Seems to be useful :) I've encountered these problems in my work. You need to talk to one of your clients, you seem to send them emails when they should be online, but they never reply. Because they are not always "checking their email". It is a problem indeed, thanks for thinking about it :)