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SendPulse Artificial Intelligence makes e-mail marketing better. SendPulse creates a behavior user profile for each subscriber based on their communication preference, timezone, content, layout, product purchases and many other unique data points. The user profile is than used by the AI platform to not just create the best experience for each user, but to also understand user behavior in groups with lookalike audience. Using dynamic grouping, the AI platform is able to draw a fuller picture of user predictive behavior and create content with best monetization potential.
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Looks like a great tool. Btw, do you use any email enrichment service (i.e. for personalization or all the data is collected by you?
@bogdan_su Bogdan, thank you for your question! In addition to traditional segments that are based on the data you have about users you can have segments that are based on user behavior. You can also combine traditional segments and behavioral segmentation and create your own very specific groups of subscribers..
@bogdan_su Thank you. Clearbit looks very interesting. Do you know other good sources of data about users? P.S. I checked out your project, very interesting idea. I had been an avid game player in the past and would love to check my stills :)
@shevkoplias You can also check out FullContact...they are similar to Clearbit
@vinitjoshi8 Thank you, FullContact is an interesting service! I will have a closer look at them.
@shevkoplias another one that I know is FullContact, but you might check this Quora thread for some more P.S. Thanks for the kind words about Mobalytics=) What games you were playing?
This is crazy, cool idea! I was literally discussing this exact concept with my team a few weeks ago. So happy to see someone made it. Actually founder convinced me to try SendPulse and to start sending out newsletters. Simple interface & amazing crawler. Before you start using the API Platform, I have a few questions, I really like AI and personalization in the beginning. How did you build it? How is machine learning done? Based on what kind of data? Can you tell more about what it took to develop this tech? AI for Email+SMS+PUSH - Are you planning on expanding? Do you’ve localization for Brazilian Portuguese & Spanish (Latin America), Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian (ASIA)?
@manana_samuseva We are a global startup, based in US & Europe, and focused on Europe, Asia, Northern and South America ( absolute priority - BRICS, APAC and MINT countries). Therefore, SendPulse will add Italian, French, German, Turkish, Simple Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and by the way, Spanish (LatAmerica), Brazilian Portuguese localization. Currently we've used pre-launch product for English and Russian audience. In total we will be have 13 foreign language groups. The language detection are based on geolocation. The next point about Artificial Intelligence. The modeling technology is based on math method, behavioral analyses to find lookalike audiences (digital twins) to create on behavior models in consuming content, clicks, design, social demographics - the simple comparison will be Facebook Artificial Intelligence for native advertising. Past interactions analysis makes lookalike (digital twins) audiences with the similar behavior patterns. As will as this is similar clones to brings more clicks to your site from the same newsletter. SendPulse Artificial Intelligence API is easy to use and does'nt require a complex setup process, and analyses hundreds of millions emails, dozens of millions daily pageviews, hundreds of millions events and in addition we also collect, buying own big data that can enrich personalization of the subscriber profiles. Using the big data of previous interactions, SendPulse makes recommendations how to improve the layout and the text of your newsletter before your send digital message (email/sms/push). Some A/B tests can be done automatically, like "communication channel test". So we reach customers the most preferred way. The algorithm will find lookalike audiences (digital twins) according to behavior patterns and will predict the best model to achieve best message delivery timing, geolocation via the best communication channel (E-mail, SMS, Web Push), and with mobile-friendly design and effective content. For example, if a user ignores some email but but reads and clicks on a similar SMS on his iPhone, then we should be able to set that as preferred delivery method, and during next campaign send him a SMS for the first step. So, the artificial intelligence is forecasts a model for effective frequency of contact with the target audience.
@manana_samuseva Thank you for your questions!
Sounds like a winner if they get it right! *fingers crossed* What behaviour patterns within user groups is the AI trained to recognize? Does the AI make content/engagement suggestions based on these patterns? Even as a classic ESP solution, looks pretty sweet as an offering compared to what's out's definitely the only product I've seen that bundles marketing+transactional+notifications. Pricing looks fair too. Couple of follow-on questions: 1) It looked like the dedicated IP was being bundled for free with the SMTP offering. Is that correct? 2) Do you provide an IP warmup facility?
@avinashdsouza Thank you for your comment and interest in our product. We discover user interests from the recent reactions to sent newsletters - how they read and click. Then we also try match what they do on the sites where we have subscription forms and tracking pixels. It's the first stage. On the next stage we plan to automate some parts of AB testing and content personalization. I'd love to hear your opinion, what user groups you think are important? What suggestions would you like to have - related to improving clickthrus, content or design? As for your question about the SMTP offer - 100K emails are "pay-as-you-go" plan and it does not include a dedicated IP.
@shevkoplias This looks like an awesome tool. I'm curious about the data you get from the subscription forms and tracking pixels. Would these sites that you track be interest-specific to the user?
@jenleeny The sites where we collect this data are the sites of the specific SendPulse customers. So, if you sell fashion wear, it's all about it, and not about say cars or electronics.
Seems to be useful :) I've encountered these problems in my work. You need to talk to one of your clients, you seem to send them emails when they should be online, but they never reply. Because they are not always "checking their email". It is a problem indeed, thanks for thinking about it :)
@savchukmark Thank you for your comment. Glad you find our solution interesting.
@savchukmark Thank you for your interest in our solution
@savchukmark You say Because they are not always "checking their email"... Totally agree! There's so called "first email bias". This is when you are more likely to read the top email in your list and ignore the rest. So, it's very important to deliver newsletter to the top of the list of unread emails. We try to predict when users are more likely to read email and respond. And deliver newsletters in the best time to give you better open/click rates