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Email automation for Medium writers and publications

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Hello, Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ We are excited to introduce SendOut for Medium users. We believe that everyone should write and build their audience. Medium is the right place for that. So we thought we would add a little boost to the platform. SendOut is not just another email marketing tool. It is built for bloggers. We tried to make this tool as simple as possible understanding the needs of a writer. Take a test drive and tell us what you think. And YES, we offer β€˜30% Lifetime Discount’ exclusively for the Product Hunt community.πŸ’°πŸ’°
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@joekuriank Hey, this is cool. I've sort of made my lot with Email Octopus at this point (I have a lot of subscribers for my list, so gotta keep that price down), but I just wanted to give you a nod for a thoughtful take on the issue of email marketing for writers.
@shortformernie Thank you 😊 Do give a try and share your feedback.
Thank you. Been using Upscribe for newsletters on Medium. Always felt a need for flexible version of It. I believe with this I can widen and engage more with audience. Nice work SendOut team. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
@felix_josemon1 Thank you 😊
I'm a happy user of Sendout right from the beta days. But I must say Medium forms is a killer feature addition to what they already have. This slick tool works exceptionally well for bloggers. My weekly email subscriptions have grown almost 100% with SendOut. And with new user interface, things have become much more efficient. Love what you are doing for Medium writers.
@iamsooraj Thank you :)
SendOut is a Marketing Automation Tool bloggers and writers. You can now integrate it with 'Medium' articles and grow your audience list. SendOut automation helps you segment and personalize subscriber engagement based on the user interaction. They also offer a chrome extension to curate content from the web and create newsletters.
@neerajt4 Thank you for hunting :)
@joekuriank All the best! :)
This is super cool. Would definitely love to try Sendout for my blogs on Medium since Medium natively has yet to give me any tools to understand or directly reach my most ardent readers!
@abhishekmadhavn Thank you 😊