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#3 Product of the DayApril 08, 2014
Drey Suvorov
Hasmizi CJ
  • Drey Suvorov
    Drey SuvorovFront-End

    Great plans, nice design, good customer service


    Fake uptime, loading time is crucial, bad form editing tool

    After implementing it on the website, it worked well for a time, but unfortunately, with SendInBlue, you cannot be sure that it will work constantly as you tested it.

    SendInBlue, uses some kind Ajax, which sends a request with customer's email, and to check and show the message, it takes sometimes over a minute.

    Second thing, that it can work today, but tomorrow CDN is offline or the weather is bad, and it stops to work. Customer Service can say that it is working perfectly, however, with several tests, cache, and cookies cleaning, changing devices, the proves are there.

    Bad form designing tool. There is a possibility to change the code, however, if you change it, there are 0 chances that you will get the form you just paste to your code :) There is no "no styles" form as in MailChimp, so you have to change codes inside of <style> tag and the worst create your style="" into tags.

    And Yes SendInBlue, offers you better prices, good service, and quite good design features, however, the cons are telling me to run away from SendInBlue.

    Drey Suvorov has used this product for one month.
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Ionut Neagu
Ionut Neagu@hackinglife7 · CEO at
We also have a special offer for product hunters, use the "producthunt20" bonus code and get a 20% discount or your recurring orders.
Ionut Neagu
Ionut Neagu@hackinglife7 · CEO at
@kjemperud Ionut here from SendinBlue, regarding your question, unfortunately we don't support rss->email right now, but we are working on it. A great news for us is that we just released our responsive newsletter builder yesterday which looks like a success. @timjahn I agree with you that there are other companies that offer this type of pricing and I also know that the market is crowded, here are some things that makes us different also : 1.We offer SMS+Email and we are working on a marketing automation tool that let you easily integrate those 2 things 2.Our technology compared with big players is very new, since we started working on this 2 years ago ( for example we are on mongo db) 3.We are in 3 languages already and this month I hope we will release portuguese + italian versions 4.We just released a white-label solution for agencies, thing that not many of our competitors offer 5.Even there are other companies that offer same type of pricing, our Micro package with 40,000 emails it's one of the most cost-effective on the market Email marketing market is huge and I don't say that our solution is for everybody, but I think we offer some interesting things.
Michelle McCormack
Michelle McCormack@lovethecool · Fashion Photographer
@hackinglife7 you had me at SMS
Catalin Zorzini
Catalin ZorziniHunter@zorzini · human
they don't charge based on the list, but based on the number of sent emails, so for a list of 10k subscribers with a weekly email they are 10x cheaper than mailchimp
Muni Perez
Muni Perez@munipandita · Founder
Hello guys! I was looking for a cheaper alternative than Mailchimp, and it sounds great! :D I have 5K subscribers and it would cost a fortune to send a weekly e-mail with them. I will start using this one now, lets see how it goes :D
J. Alexander Curtis
J. Alexander Curtis@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
I love that the pricing is based off of emails sent instead of the size of your list, like most other ESPs. This is huge for those of us that don't send daily email newsletters, but instead send them out weekly or even 1-2 times a month. Massive savings even with a large list. This pricing seems fair since most other ESP's charge you based on the size of your list you get penalized for building a large list and feel like you need to monetize the emails to cover the cost of the list.