Send Reality

Virtual walkthroughs for real estate brokers

Send Reality creates virtual walkthroughs for real estate. The next time you shop for a house, apartment, or vacation rental, you’ll be able to walk through the property as if you were there in person, from the comfort of your seat.

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Would love to see something like this for Airbnb listings.
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Great use of VR technology,but here come the issue that the tenant can't check real condition of the appartment/house. It can work as a tool for preliminary choice of appartment
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Not perfect, but undoubtedly the best indoor tour application i've seen so far. Really smooth renderings. Yes, this would be awesome for Airbnb and for property buying especially when you are in another state.
My favourite part, it supports "WASD" for moving around. Not documented but they support it for the gamers out there. Nice.