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This looks interesting. Is there any way to try out the editor without singing up for a plan? There are a lot of email editors out there claiming to produce good code, but very very few of them actually do.
@brandononearth @jevlon same question here. Looks promising but would be nice to see a demo or example designs at least.
@msarlitt @brandononearth Yeah, I will definitely provide a way to try it in a future release.
Hello Product Hunt, Thank you @bentossell for hunting this app. I created Send.Design with the goal of eliminating the tedious email markup writing required of designers and front-end developers. Instead of writing markup code, with Send.Design you just simply use the visual editor to create beautiful designs using the core design elements such as typography, graphics, and layers. When you are finished with your designed template you can export it as either plain HTML or with Campaign Monitor tags. The software also handles the more technical aspects of template code writing, such as automatically including the necessary VML code for the design to display perfectly in Outlook. The software makes it easy to create impressive campaigns in seconds. If you have any feedback or want some help just get in touch with me via here or twitter. Jon
Sorry if this sounds stupid. Isn't this the same kind of editor you get with the likes of mailchimp? What's the USP? In case I've missed something?
Not stupid at all @adammydesign. With this editor you get a far higher degree of editing capabilities and it fully handles all necessary VML code. To provide the most reliable experience MailChimp etc have played it safe by limiting your options. This is why developers still find themselves writing the template markup. Send.Design takes it to the next level so that you really can use the editor to realise the intended design.
For emails, innit.
How do deployments work? Export code or can you push to Mailchimp, et al ?