Send a Unicorn

Send a Unicorn and spread magic

Send a Unicorn is about spreading magic. We believe in a few simple rules:

1) Be Nice

2) Share

3) Send a Unicorn

Our mission is to add a sprinkle of happiness, because the world can always use more sparkle and kindness.

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I can see it now, it's going to be bigger than Beanie Babies. πŸ¦„
@jacqvon Thank you! They are most definitely more magical :)
Hello Product Hunters! I'm the founder of Send a Unicorn and am a huge fan of PH so it is an honor to be here. I'd love to answer any questions. And I can now say I bootstrapped a "unicorn" company :)
@agnes_hsu haha πŸ‘πŸΌ
@rrhoover unicorns will rule the world one day. Or maybe cats :)
this is so sweet! I love unicorns and when you spread the magic, it makes me so happy! you are so kind and warmhearted!
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