Hosted Continuous integration for Web Applications.

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Semaphore simplifies your infrastructure by eliminating the need to set up and maintain a custom CI server. It understands your application code so that you can start integrating a new project in a minute.
Pricing seems a lot cheaper than Buildbox and Travis
@acondurache They are releasing new functionality often. I've notice them because of that:
Hi everyone! I am Darko from Semaphore and I would be happy to answer any questions that may have.
@darkofabijan hey darko! long time no see :) atm codeship, travis and semaphore seem very similar. do you think they will start do diverge? where will each company move towards? or in general how do you guys see the future of this market? disclaimer: i was lucky enough to work with darko for several months - he is awesome :)
@andreasklinger Hi Andi! Yeah, time flies. :) There are small differences which matter to developers. But yes, in big-picture sense you could say that “it’s pretty much the same thing”. The products that you mentioned are on the market for about two years and are just now completing the minimum of the functionality needed for medium-sized companies to be able to use the hosted CI solutions. Reason for that partly lies in the complexity of the CI infrastructure. As a consequence of that there has been very little innovation in the field since initial concepts of wizards for setting up projects with OAuth connections. My guess is that it will take another year before bigger differences start to arise. I think that the DevOps movement which really got into the focus recently could define the future of the CI market. You are awesome too Andy! :)
@darkofabijan I think this is really useful. And as a fellow CS geek, the name itself was enough to upvote. The fact that the name connects with your 'debottlenecking/uptime' core purpose makes it truly cool. Good luck
@kartikparija thank you Kartik for connecting with us on such awesome level! :) Cheers