Personalized investments - based on your browser history

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This is the most interesting investment product I’ve seen in the recent years. Personalize your investments based on your browser history. 😎
Hey guys, April Fools’ Day is over. :) At Selma, we treat your personal data with utmost care and we would never attempt to access any of your private data without you explicitly giving it to us. In fact, we use state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information. Selma is the most personal way to start investing. It creates and manages your investments based on your financial life, future income and your relationship with risk. All you need to do, is to chat occasionally with the Selma bot or one of the humans behind Selma about any changes in your financial life. Selma is currently available in Switzerland only. If you are interested in giving it a go (and you live in Switzerland), I am happy to send you an invite right away.
Fantastic alt-quote: "This will guarantee me 242 % return every month. That’s at least twice or four times more than what I get now." - Kellyanne Conway
@geoffbourne 👍 Glad you noticed it.
@geoffbourne Glad you like it :)
Hoping this isn't an April's Fools joke - I like the concept not sure how much data it needs to start giving worthwhile recommendations, but interesting concept... i.e. DataSelfie - a tool that tells you tons of stuff about yourself [which gives you a glimpse of what Facebook is able to glean about you starts off pretty good and gets scarily good in under a week]
@exlemor You obviously haven't actually looked into the product yet :P
@exlemor sorry, that I have to disappoint you, we wouldn't go that far to gather all your private data. So, sorry for the little April fool :) Nevertheless, Selma still personalize your investments based on changes in your life. All you need to do is chatting with Selma bot.
Hey all, I’m Kevin, co-founder at Selma. Very nice to be here and hear your inputs and comments! Thanks for the hunt Stefan!! Selma personalizes investments based on your internet browsing history. Selma follows the trend that private data is becoming increasingly available for commercial use. With this innovation, investing becomes easier than ever before as we keep optimizing your investment portfolio while you continue browsing and add further data. 🤗