The Airpod-first meditation app ⛩

SelfMonk is a Voice App that gets you meditating in less than 4 seconds.

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Hey everyone! We were tired of waiting for our meditations app to load so we decided to make a simple iPhone app where you just ask Siri for “SelfMonk” and you start meditating in less than 4 seconds. We made it in 7 days and we want to improve it with a group of people who are passionate about meditation and love their Airpods, if you want to help us with feedback please write to us at or let us know what you think in a comment thanks!!!
@gmail @aracena Love it! Thank you for having me in the beta 🙌
@amrith it was my pleasure, thanks you for your feedback
@aracena ‘s obsessive attention to simplicity in getting to the aha moment shows in this product. Great job Hernan
@gmail @aracena Please make it for Mac OS

I really love this meditation app over other ones that I've tried cause I recently got the Airpods and it works so flawlessly :)


It just works


Could have an easy way to log meditation stats

Great idea, @aracena. Curious what the process was like building an audio-focused experience like this.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, this is a very good question, the process was focused on making the app as fast as possible and to do it, we worked in 3 parts: the name/command, the loading times and the voice. The Name/Command: It was really important that with a simple command Siri could start the meditation for us. So we tried 50 different names until we found one that was easy to pronounce and for Siri to understand. Loading times: Whenever you tell Siri a command you expect an immediate answer. If you get silence it would feel like something went wrong. In order to accomplish this level of responsiveness, we download tomorrow’s session while you are meditating. The Voice: In an app where the voice is the “interface” we needed to make sure that it provides the right feeling. To get the right one, we tried around 9 different voices with the same meditation until we found one that wasn’t distracting us from the meditation. We listened to it for 3 days and made the decision that the current voice was the right one for us. Ultimately it came down to try the app ourselves a lot and see how it felt, we had a total of 63 iterations in 7 days.

I'll meditate again tomorrow, Ideally It should load as fast as today's meditation.


It does one thing and it does it well, I started meditating in less than 2 seconds


I'd love to share my meditation and quote on social media, a fb or twitter button would be a great addition.

AirPods first! Nice marketing. 🙌
@frantzlight thank you so much Chris!!! did you try it? I woul love to know your opinion
@aracena Planning to try soon. :)