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Send them a photo of yourself (or someone else) and they turn it into a doll, like this one: Amazing. This'll make a hilarious/borderline creepy Christmas gift (although not quite as creepy as Cuddle Clones). EDIT: I missed the Dollfactory. Make your own ready-to-order doll here. Here I am:
@rrhoover Best. Hunt. Ever.
@rrhoover lol could Cuddle Clones become the cheaper alternative to pet taxidermy? :-)
@rrhoover crazy good - not that creepy (depending on the pic) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Now all we need is the ability to send in an audio recording so the doll can play it whenever it's squeezed. Imagine the possibilities! Kanye doll: "Imma let you finish!" Noah Kagan doll: "I love tacos!" Donald Trump doll: "You're fired!"
@alirtariq genius. I would pay for that upsell in a heartbeat.
@alirtariq oh, how I miss those times when Trump was only a joke! On the other hand, now we could add an entire nasty repertoire of phrases: "you're fake news", "lock her up!", "deport him!" Etc
It's the future of Build-A-Bear Workshop. But creepier.
@jsneedles I am envisioning Build-A-Bear with adults and alcohol.
Not a single brown doll up there. Has this been tested on black people yet?
I'm actually really impressed by these - when I clicked on the link I was expecting something a lot less decent. I know a few entrepreneurs who'd love a doll in their image...