Segway miniPRO

Hands-free, self-balancing transporter. Not a hoverboard.

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Segway marketing wants to make sure you don't call it a hoverboard (and really, none of those two-wheel, land vehicles really are. Looks fun:
@rrhoover the fact that people call those things hover boards is the bane of my existence.
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@rrhoover about $600 over priced from what it needs to be
@rrhoover oh.. so that's what they are.. i thought they were just normal Chinese fakes with sigway stickers on them.. ok these are already floating about in my province here in GZ, China.. same couple of guys riding them about on the streets all day and all night long.. interesting.. i haven't been game enough to try it out yet.. they offer everyone who stops them a go at it.. and almost everyone flys off flat on their face after two seconds.. funny as as they can stop and your body is at a 75% angle to the ground face first, and it speeds up and stops you from landing face first into the road!
@rrhoover love the developer focus on this. Interesting to see what can be done with this as a platform.
@tylerh 1999yuans here, so about $307usd for one ... how's that $600 overpriced for anything ??
Saw these pop up on Ali Express a few months ago, and they WERE marking them as next-gen Hoverboards :P
Wonder if these will just have the same fate as the hoverboards - seem to get banned everywhere except private property I'm still to try one out ha
@bentossell It's kinda funny how Segways never really took off and then those sideways electric skateboards did (I'm not calling them hoverboards, don't try and make me), even though they're basically the same technology. I guess price, size, timing, play a big role.
I wonder how these will do. Even the name segway makes me think of mall cops.
Just in case you were hoping to choreograph a dance on these, here is a somewhat strange promo video of people doing just that: