SeenHunt (for Safari)

Track which items on PH are new since your last visit

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This was the old fix your own problems thing. I found that if I was visiting the site a few times per day, I couldn't readily tell what was new since I last came. Adding πŸ† seemed the obvious solution. When I get time I'll do the Chrome version too.
@drcongo ETA on the Chrome version? EDIT: I see its on github, when I have time i'll add a Chrome extension ;)
@jackpointnl Feel free. There's almost nothing to it, so a chrome port would be very straight forward.
If it's new, it gets an aubergine emoji. @drcongo tell us more, we love it when people from the community make stuff!
@drcongo @bramk also known as an eggplant! SeenHunt and eggplant parmigiana are definitely my two favorite eggplant things. Love that it's for Safari.
@jtriest has been asking for this. πŸ˜ƒ
@rrhoover yes!! Now Chrome please.