Come up with more, better ideas, faster.

Seenapse is an inspiration engine, powered by shared mental associations.

Mental associations are the raw material of ideas —it's what you use when you're brainstorming.

In Seenapse, you can navigate through the mental associations of people from very diverse backgrounds. It's like brainstorming with the world.

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Hi guys! I already told you about my experience helping my mom with her little project. I only played a bit with the browser, then I realized that also I can share my own mental associations, interesting! My experience was very unique, many of the ideas we saw were very different from things we are familiar with (like indie movies, etc.), actually my mom said something like "that page is so hipster, Itzel" haha. I want to ask you 1. what kind of things are you doing to attract more people to share their seenapses? Also, maybe I'm wrong but I feel the actual content is from a "niche". 2. Are you planning to encourage more diverse seenapsers users? :)
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awesome product! what was your inspiration?
@rameshdot0 Thank you Ramesh! Well, after participating in hundreds, maybe thousands of brainstorm sessions, we noticed that mental associations are the raw material of ideas, and if we could facilitate their exchange, leveraging the volume and diversity of Internet users, we could all "think with other people's heads" and therefore arrive at ideas that would be impossible to otherwise.
Hey Product Hunters! Connect your mental associations in Seenapse with those of other, diverse people from all over the world, so that we can all come up with ideas we couldn't possibly come up with on our own!